SUI - Secure your next BIG airdrop in 4 simple steps!

By Kev HK | DiamondHands | 22 Nov 2022

Last month, Aptos launched its mainnet with a big airdrop. Many people that perused the Aptos incentivized testnet or connected to one of their many Dapps received what was essentially given 4,000 - 6,000 USD-equivalent of FREE MONEY.

If you missed the Aptos airdrop, SUI is the next big airdrop that you can still pursue!


SUI is being described as the "biggest competitor" of Aptos. It is positioned as a “next-generation” blockchain that promises high throughput and low latency. The blockchain recently completed its $300m Series B funding, which included investments from top-tier investors such as Binance Labs and Andreessen Horowitz. There has been rumours that SUI aidrop is already on horizon, so act quick!


Strategies for the upcoming SUI Airdrop (4 simple steps):

1. Download the SUI browser wallet (a Chrome extension) and create your wallet.

2. Head over to their Discord, and enter the devnet-faucet channel. Type in !faucet + your wallet address for free devnet gas tokens. Example:


3. Go to their Crew3 site and complete as much social tasks there. Additional Discord roles will be given based on the tasks you have completed, which can potentially give you larger shares in the airdrop!

4. Go to your Sui Wallet and click on the “Apps” tab, and try to interact with as many of them as possible.


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