Presearch - Earning Free Tokens By Doing What You Are Already Doing Everyday

By Kev HK | DiamondHands | 29 Jan 2022

"Be No Evil" is the famous motto from Google. Unfortunately the internet giant has turned its back to this ideal since long time ago. It's challenging for Google to claim itself as "No Evil" when it sells your data and internet activities to advertises, and it uses algorithms to control what you can see and what you cannot see. While it is difficult to avoid using Google services at all (e.g. it's virtually impossible to not use Andriod if you are not an Apple fans), I would definitely prefer services that respect its users' privacy whenever possible.


When it comes to search engines, Presearch is the decentralized project I used to replace Google search. Here are the reasons:

  • The biggest benefit of Presearch is that you get paid from every search you made. For any search conducted on Presearch, you are given some free PRE token. The exact number of PRE per search differs from time to time. Just as an example, today they offer 0.083PRE pre search. The current PRE price is around $0.25, which means you are given around $0.02 for every search you made. It's not a lot of money, but it does not take any extra effort. You probably need to run dozen of searches every day anyway.
  • The user experience is great. The search results from Presearch always give me what I'm looking for.

  • It doesn't store and sell your data.

  • It doesn't use algorithm to limit what you can see.

  • It is a decentralized solution for which everyone can be a node.


If you would also like to try using Presearch, you can sign up with my link and get an additional 25 PRE bonus (will be credited to you when you are active for 30 days).  You may also use Presearch without signing up, but you won't be able to earn rewards from your search.

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Kev HK
Kev HK

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