How To Get Free XLM Coins

How To Get Free XLM Coins

By Strobe-Wan Kenobe | StrobeLight | 31 Dec 2020

If you are like me you like free stuff!


There is a way that you can get free XLM coins right now. In order to get the free coins you need to have, or create, a Coinbase account. If you don't have an account with Coinbase then just click here: INVITATION and create a free account.

After you either create your account or if you have an existing account then just click on this link here: FREE XLM! and you will be directed to where you can earn $10 of free XLM coins!

All you need to do is watch 5 quick and simple 1-2 minute videos where you will learn about XLM coins, and then answer 5 easy questions about the coins after each video. Each right answer will give you $2 worth of XLM right into your Coinbase account.

And that is all there is to it! Super simple! After you get your $10 of free XLM there are even more ways to get up to $40 more free XLM as well!


Get free XLM coins: FREE XLM!

Create a free Coinbase account: INVITATION


Take care! and Happy Crypto hunting!

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Strobe-Wan Kenobe
Strobe-Wan Kenobe

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