When you become rich, what will you do with your money?

By R_Bold | Strike | 9 Mar 2022

Ok friends, let's say you hit the jackpot or you found the way to become very rich through crypto. What will you do with that money?

One of the things that being rich compells me is to have financial freedom. I feel as it will give you financial freedom. You will not be limited to buy what you want or give toward causes you like. I find joy in helping people and I love when I have to give or contribute toward a cause or people in need. At the same time I like freedom, when I walk in a store and my decision to buy or not buy something is not based on how much money I have, but for other reasons. 

Let me share what I would not buy if money would not be a problem:

1-I would not buy that expensive bag or shoes to impress others. 
2-I would not become a slave of any brand. I told you I like freedom. But talking about brands, I like Channel and Ralf Lauren, as I like classic style,  simplicity and comfortable clothes.

3-I would not spend money on crazy parties

4-I would not buy super expensive cars or furnitures. I like practical stuff. At home I want to feel comfortable and not worry if this or that will break. 

5-And of course I will not play at casino

What will I do with the money?

For me and my family, I would love to travel the world together, have memorable vacations every year

Besides my family, for the community, I would: 

1-I would give to the poor, that might sound as moralism, but it is true. 

2-I would build a shelter for abandoned elder people and those who live in the streets.

3-I would invest in the education of children of poor families so they can live with dignity and change their course

4-I would open schools and college, where students would be treated with dignity, love and respect and given equal opportunities. Education is a great      investment in the future of a country.

5-I would open a hospital 

6-I would invest in opening a shelter for stray dogs, in my country dogs live in very poor conditions. 

7-I would build parks, sports and culture centers for children and young people. 

Well we all think about when we will become rich, we will do this or that, but even today with what we have, we can make a difference by showing compassion and generosity to someone in need. 

Can you think of a person you can help this week? It should not be something big, but needs to be done in love and care

"There is greater joy in giving than receiving" 

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