5 Evergreen Marketing Recipes for Small Business Owners

By Krisz Rokk | StrengthInBusiness | 9 Dec 2021

What’s one of the most enjoyable memories you have from visiting a restaurant? Who was there with you? Was it your favorite place? How was your meal served? More importantly, when I asked you to choose your most enjoyable memory, why exactly did you pick this particular experience?

There were some amazing marketing recipes at play here that allowed you to remember this occasion and store it in your “magical experience” life drawer. Most things happened unconsciously, other you were more or less aware of.

Let’s look at this event more closely and uncover some of the mysteries behind one of your most enjoyable experiences.

1. Who Was There With You?

It matters a lot who you dine with.

If you’re on the same page with those at your table, you’re most likely going to have a fantastic time. Often when you’re in great company, the quality and presentation of the food, the noise level in the restaurant and even the clumsy waiter won’t factor in that much. You’ll still walk away with a beautiful experience.

On the other hand, if you’re in bad company, everything will disturb you. The clumsy waiter will bother you. You’ll complain about the quality of the food. The noisiness will be unbearable. All these things that were minor previously, will now cause you to store this very same experience in the “never again” life drawer.

Let’s make this more tangible by translating it into the world of business and marketing:

If you want your business to thrive, you’ll need to become highly focused on choosing your ideal audience. Picking the right target market is a science per se. Yes, geographic and demographic information is important but you want to go even deeper than that.

The psychographic dimension is where the golden nuggets lie. This is where you analyze habits, hobbies and values that will ultimately result in answering your question around “Why people buy?”

MARKETING RECIPE #1: Invite the Right Guests

2. How Was Your Meal Served?

If you’re hungry, you can grab a sandwich and you’re good to go. But when you go to a restaurant with your favorite people, you want more than that. You’re looking for an experience.

A wonderful table setting, a creative food decoration, the warm lighting in the room and a gentle piano sound make a profound impression. No matter what you order, when the presentation is exquisite, you’ll be delighted and happy.

In terms of marketing this translates to the following:

The need, problem or pain in this case is hunger. The solution is satisfying the hunger. And when you overdeliver on the solution, you provide a magical, unforgettable experience your guests will look forward to sharing with other family members, friends and relatives.

MARKETING RECIPE #2: Always go the extra mile and overdeliver.

3. Why Did You Pick This Particular Experience?

Something special, unique made this experience stand out from all your other restaurant visits.

Was it a funny waiter who used humor to present the courses on the menu? Was it the live band playing your favorite songs? Was it the owner of the restaurant who personally welcomed every single guest and offered a glass of champagne at arrival? Or was it a combination of several things you haven’t encountered anywhere else before?

When you stand out from the crowd, people will remember you. Creativity and a pleasant level of sophistication can lead a long way.

In terms of marketing this translates to the following:

Only those who differentiate themselves and offer a unique experience will make it in the long run. Focus on your strengths, your unique points of difference and don’t be afraid to put a combination of your favorite toppings on the ice.

MARKETING RECIPE #3: Determine your market’s secrets and desires and double down on your strengths.

4. Was It Your Favorite Place?

There are restaurants where you go in, have your meal and leave. Nothing special happens and you forget about the place.

And then, there are these magical corners, the open terraces or hidden tables surrounded by mysterious, yet very pleasant energies that somehow manage to pull you back over and over again. Oh yes, location matters.

In terms of marketing this translates to the following:

The importance of product / service placement should never be underestimated. Select media vehicles wisely. Integrate online and offline channels to communicate your message across cultural, demographical and geographical borders. And remember, the Internet is not a business; it’s a media.

MARKETING RECIPE #4: Use a media bouquet that equally attracts and fascinates your customers.

5. Will You Refer the Restaurant to Your Friends?

When you experience something magical, you’re most likely going to share it with your family and friends.

Some of you will tweet about the experience; others might post images on Instagram or Pinterest of the tasty food to savour, whereas others will want to write a positive review on TripAdvisor for example. We share things we care about. It’s in our human DNA.

In terms of marketing this translates to the following:

Good old word-of-mouth marketing has never been more effective. What social media enables us to do today is basically word-of-mouth advertising on steroids.

Some of the best guests aka customers you can get are those that have been referred to you by happy customers. They come with a positive attitude to you because they’ve heard a lot of good stuff from somebody they trust and are willing to open their wallets for a WOW experience.

MARKETING RECIPE #5: WOW your customers and establish a referral system.

Spice Up Your Marketing Recipes

There are so many different restaurants on this planet. Some have specialized on steaks, others on the vegetarian-vegan cuisine. Some offer food-to-go, others invite you to choose from a vast selection of foods across continents.

It’s your duty as a restaurant and small business owner to find the secret desires of your ideal guests and create an unforgettable experience that overdelivers on their tastes, wishes and dreams.

Don’t be afraid to go from bitter to sweet, from spicy to umami, or shift from sour to salty. Use sight, smell and sound to fascinate your guests and position your business top of mind. Learn from big-name retail brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and test some of their most effective marketing strategies in your industry. The outcomes might positively surprise you.

What are your marketing recipes for a successful business?



Originally published on my blog at StrengthInBusiness.com.

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