By Yanizie | StrategyBits | 30 Mar 2021

Technology is in the phase of decentralization; the blockchain. We are now on the tipping point of adoption from financial transactions, data processing, storing of value, even arts and crafts. 

People are staring more on their phones and always looking for a trending topic that can be shared and commented on base on their feelings and experiences. It is now the norm of the world we are living in.

From this kind of situation we are in, people find jobs, security within their social media friends and social groups. Some are looking for investments, looking for a partner and some wanted to share their disappointment towards life. 

With the existing newborn technology, the blockchain we are now adopting, people can now earn through their social media apps by posting, commenting, and liking on posts. Their security is more secured than the old existing social media platforms. Because of decentralization, Hackers can almost impossible penetrate the decentralized social media apps and websites.

Here are the two Social media Apps that can earn you cryptocurrencies.


1920px-Minds_logo.svg.png Minds is founded in 2011. Its platform can earn cryptocurrency $Minds by Posting, having followers, liking, and commenting on social media posts. 1000 views on your post can gain 1 $minds. $Minds is ERC20 capable and can be swap in Uniswap.  Users can also earn through Liquid providing of $Minds and $ETH. Another option to earn $Minds is to refer the user to its platform and gain a +10 contribution score that can be converted to $Minds.

  Its current price as this article was written is 0.826493 USDT.        

Create Account here:    Minds



Uhive is founded in 2016. Its difference from its competitor is the Oasis of the apps where the pool of users gathered together to see others post in different spaces. Its spaces consist of different interests for users who want to be entertained or informed.


Another option to earn in Uhive is to post, comment, and like or dislike others posts and daily login on the apps. Referrals also reward users 100 Hive for every successful signup and daily login from apps. It is an ERC20 network token and already can be traded in LAtoken.


Current Price of Uhive as of this article was written: 0.002712 USDT.    

Create account here: Uhive



There are lots of Social Media platforms that are decentralized but the two of them are the ones that are capable of high yielding reward in the future. Join now and earn by posting your links, Photos, NFT's on their platforms.

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