One Wallet an two exchanges

My strategy is, to have one Wallet, an two exchanges. For example: Trustwallet plus and Binance.

Trustwallet to stake and save coins and to handle assets with lower fees, because of Binance Wallet. And to stake with PancakeSwap. to stake stable coins for 10% Interest. For having Spotify and Netflix to be payed by And for staking CRO in the Wallet for 35% Interest Apr. And for trading coins, that are not at Binance.

Binance for trading, because you have more opportunities and you have more coins to trade. But for staking, too. Because you have more special offers. 

But I look every day for other and new possibilities. Life is Change. :-)


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Adrenalin Junkie
Adrenalin Junkie

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Strategies with crypto
Strategies with crypto

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