Dr. Who

By Relaylogix | Strain Review | 13 Apr 2019

So I got my hands on some Doctor Who. First time for this strain for me, even though my guy swears I have had it prior. Well now it will be documented here on Smoke.io so I can't smoke that memory away...

Looking into the strain's lineage, I see it has a bit of C99 in it! I did a review on that uplifting strain a while back. The colors of this Dr. is really cool as you will see later on when we get a bit closer. Here is a little taste of this gem.




Wow, right? Purps, oranges, greens, cloudy whites... All the colors of a perfect cannabow. The smell is a flowery pungent to my nose. The hit heats your forehead and waters your eye.


t1.jpg        t2.jpgzoomgif.gif


The previous photos were without macro lens. The clarity is fine on normal shots, but it seems to lose sharpness on the zoom. So why am I wasting your time let's get the macro lens on...







I like my buds fuzzy, I know most of you do too! These Doctors are very fuzzy, trichome density is really outstanding. Some of the best macro shots I have captured ever you will see here in a scroll or two...




Another great demonstration of Doctor Who's ability to represent the Canna-Spectrum...

Welcome to the Bud Of The Month Centerfold...




We're not just here to look at the Doc, let's smoke some of this shit...




This batch is just a bit on the fluffy dense side, it rolls pretty decently, not as easy as glue, but glue you just wrap the paper around it! The smoke is smooth, with a bit of a lung grab at the end if you hold n choke... I don't really taste any citrus, but it has a unmistakable flame canna-taste that has me wanting to hit it more and more. I have noticed the accelerated misplacing of things while smoking this bud. I wonder if that is a trait of the parent plant Timewreck. As I have not ventured to the strain yet, I'm not sure of her affects.
All in all Doctor Who is a whoop ass power strain. Great taste, smooth smoke, bueatiful #nugporn. Pain? What pain? You get so focused on everything else, pain goes to the back of your mind. This bud is truly a uplifting, mind focusing good treat!
Until next time...


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Strain Review

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