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BTC: Wen moon?

By IggyDotDev | Storylines | 24 Apr 2022

I was randomly watching videos on Youtube and I landed on one of crypto crow videos and, to be completely honest... it's good. Really good.
I was very surprised as he talks plain and straight and he does not sugar coat it. No hopium like other youtubers.

Just looking at facts.

If you watch his video about the Bitcoin price prediction for 2022-2024, everything makes a lot of sense. Basically he argues and checks the current market conditions and interpolate these to the previous halvings of BTC. Base on the factual data, it makes sense that we go way down to the 30k range before going up for the halving in 2024.

Sure, retail buys BTC, but when whales (a.k.a the big corporations) buy BTC in heaps, they need to declare taxes and capital gains. The way to get around that is to sell, so then they could declare capital loses and enjoy some sort of tax relief. And again it makes total sense for them!!

Big corporations usually have tax and account armies that provide better guidance, and therefore better economical results for the company. If they have to sell, just to buy next at lower prices, they will do it. This is why, some times, we see the massive spikes in the BTC charts. The quantity of BTC from a retail (regular guy) will not affect the market, but when a big dog drops the big BTC bag, then it creates a butterfly effect that affects everything and everyone in many different ways. 

Does it mean you cannot make it?

No. However you just need to be aware of the current situation.

I will use gardening as a metaphor (and I hope you get the point). When you start plating/gardening you will start by planting seeds. Then from time to time you will check the weather, protect the seed if it has sprouted, etc. You take a look around you and see what could affect that seed. And you watch it grow until you can get the fruits or even the new seeds and start the process once again.

In a similar way, that is how wealth is created. I am not saying it will be done overnight. Overnight success is an overstatement. There has been many months, days and hours, sweat, pain, tears, into reaching the flippening when they can call you a overnight success.  To our point, it doesn't matter if we are in an uptrend or a downtrend. If you really want to make it, you will laser focus on doing it. For me it's a MUST and not a SHOULD, because if it's a MUST, I will do it. If it's a SHOULD, I probably will not take the time for it. We always make time for our MUSTS and not our SHOULDS

It's all I have for you now. Stay safe and be blessed!

Iggy out!

Photo by Alesia Kozik from Pexels

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