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By Storey Matters | Stories Matter | 18 Aug 2021 -- Referral Link that will earn you 1000 Satoshis.

This popped out at me today as something that might be worth writing about. Maybe it will be a worthwhile endeavour for those of you looking to earn some easy money? However, what one person deems worthwhile and what another does are two different things. So, allow me to do some of the hard work in figuring that out for you.

The first thing you will have to do is sign up. This can be done either through email or Facebook. Once verified, you will be warmly welcomed and this is where you get to choose your avatar. I chose the one that looks like a blow-up sex doll from the twentieth century (apologies to anyone still using one today).

20th C Blow-up Doll Avatar

Once happy with your chosen avatar (who could not love mine?), you are then walked through a brief tutorial. To start mining, one needs power, and power is earned through playing games. 8673e644af80f11f01dbf555da94069b955644ed569666505d76e2b415c14b8b.png

Clicking the blue 'Games' tab in the header will take you to the games screen where you are warned that the power earned from playing games only lasts twenty-four hours and that this depends on your virtual in-game PC power. Before playing any games, we are also warned that although we level up after each 3rd successful game whereby the rewards increase, after twelve hours of not playing, the levels drop back down again, thereby decreasing the possible rewards.

The game screen looks like this:

Game Screen

As you can see, the games are retrospective in nature and very easy to play. I first tried Token Blaster, completing level one in less than a minute, where I earned Power and a hashrate equivalent to 504GH/S.

Power Earned

As well as Satoshis, it is also possible to mine different cryptocurrencies in Doge, Litecoin, Ethereum, and the native token, RLT. Mining RLT will help you buy more miners that will in turn help you mine more crypto. To split your power up into different cryptos, simply click the dropdown box next to My Power and click the Split Power tab. However, when I tried this, I received a warning that one is only allowed to update this once every twelve hours and that this must begin from the moment one registers an account.

127cdd9459d7258cb8521f1de8d447113d1c4323a4230e553e9d0582ae100300.png                 Power Partition

Winning more games means you gain more power and the more power you gain, the more of the pot you are entitled to once each block has been mined. After a very short time, I was able to move my share up to a whopping 0.03 Satoshis.

Block rewards

A block is mined every ten minutes, meaning that if I stayed at the current hashrate, I would be mining 0.03 Satoshis every ten minutes. So, it's clearly going to take quite a while before those returns begin to make us lick our lips. However, if the success of Alien Worlds is anything to go by, maybe all that hard work will pay off one day?

After a few more minutes of play, I managed to earn a bonus in the form of a more powerful computer that also translates to a graphical improvement on the home screen and I'm immediately up to 0.04 Sats every ten minutes.


In-game purchases are available and you can earn the right to buy them through playing or by investing some of your own hard-earned crypto. First, one needs to buy a rack and then buy miners to fill it that'll do much of the hard work. As with all games like this, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

If you'd like to sign up for an account then hitting my referral link below would help me out no end and you will earn 1000 Satoshis for using it. A win, win for everyone Thanks in advance, and happy mining!







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