Motivational Short 4 creation- Lucalproduction - snowboarding in a crazy area ....of course not allowed

By alexisread | Projects for the world | 14 Aug 2023



Focus means...( inspirational short 4 - YOUTUBE  LINK)

Since youtube shorts can not be shown here, I attached a link above.



Today i found my crazy SNOWBOARD VIDEO . 

I was at a Antenna , on top of a hill, with the first snow powder before me.




The terrain is very bad for snowboarding. STILL ,I WANTED......POWDER ,  FRESH SNOW !

With bushes and heavy bumps , i needed a good focus and some courage.

I was my second year, on my snowboard. I had not more than 40h of riding.

All the snowboard tracks in my country , were full and I hate standing in lines.

For me, the one who wants to exit the matrix, stop spending money,....I had no choice. LETS ,go offroad.


check the short and look at my will see how crazy it was....


Focus means... motivational short 4 - Youtube Short



So for all of us,....just close your eyes,

....breathe  1 time.... your eyes....

....DO IT !....

You will learn to have your future, in your hands.


thanks for reading! Have a great day and good health !

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Projects for the world

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