Motivational Short 1 creation- Lucalproduction ( flying drone in authorisation area- still works without authorisation)

Choose your way, but stick to something meaningful
(link for youtube short)


This is an short introduction to my short Motivational Videos.

Since I started to have a mini2 drone, I am exploring more of my home country , ROMANIA.

I will soon release also a short documentary about each place.

This one was in Fagaras, Romania, near the River OLT.

The romanian military closed the airspace and my mini 2 , alerted me . 

I needed 2 authorisations to fly BUT it works without !
Dont do it, its not my advice BUT we still have a loophole here. I think that DJI will update use it now.

Its a new journey and I will show you, beautiful places, abandoned places or stranges places in Romania.

Begin the travel experience with me, enjoy !



the storyline by truth

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Projects for the world
Projects for the world

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