Weekend Extra for You: Instant coin exchange, Market prices, NO KYC?! LuckyGames does it ALL!

Weekend Extra for You: Instant coin exchange, Market prices, NO KYC?! LuckyGames does it ALL!

By KharmaScribbles | Stories of HODL | 21 Jul 2019

Luckygames is MORE than JUST a Casino!

Instant coin conversions at regular exchange rates, no gambling or luck needed!

Hello readers!

Welcome to my new and (hopefully) improved, themed daily blog schedule! Today we will be entering the first instalment of my “Bonus News and Updates Weekend” feature!

Most weekends might be quiet around here, as they are not slated to have a ‘permanent’ entry; I have done this to leave them open for surprise, updates, or even some much needed sleep :o)

However sleep can wait because today I want to share a little trick I have kept up my sleeve but use on a regular basis. I think you may find this rather useful, especially if you actually use it for the first time. You will never forget and might find yourself using this over any other conversion or coin exchange system! (granted, not everyone’s coins will be supported :( )

Luckygames.io is a small micro-casino that supports about 4 games, nothing we haven’t really seen elsewhere. Dice and Roulette are probably the most popular games here. They also have a house token, called LUCKY, which you can use to shop in their store and redeem for some really rad gifts. This casino also supports the largest selection of coins I have ever seen from a casino so far, all native too, meaning you can deposit, bet and withdraw with any coin they support! (as opposed to casinos that just convert most other coins to more popular ones or a house coin - similar to what Stake does with the alt deposits option)

I’m not here to talk about gambling today though. Today we will look at a hidden gem of a feature that Lucky provides to all registered users, no KYC needed.

Instant Exchange/Coin Conversion

That’s right. Luckygames has an exchange feature that is available to all registered users, regardless of player level. The best part about this exchange in my opinion is their exchange rate is generally at par or better than the best exchange rate you’ll find from the usual currency markets. Sometimes the rate will be lower, however if you consider that most exchanges charge a fee for every order, Luckygames comes out as the better option because they incorporate their fee into the rate they offer - so the conversion calculations you see will be the exact amount of coin that you will receive in your wallet.

Sorry to admit but Luckygames is probably my least favourite casino to play at, I hardly ever play games here - if I do it’s usually only with some spare change I forgot to include in a withdraw.

However I often utilize the exchange here, more often than going to a currency market because for one, the exchange at Luckygames is instant and does not rely on someone else having a buy order matching my price… For people who want to exchange at current market rates without any wait, this is the place for you too!

Yes, you can deposit, exchange, and immediately withdraw without gambling a single coin away. They have stated how they work the fees into their rates, so with that said I do not feel guilty for using the exchange service without playing at the casino too.

There are only two things you need to research before going ahead with the exchanges; the exchange minimum and withdraw minimum thresholds.

Here’s what the process looks like, broken down step by step for total newbs; but this is to make sure that I don’t miss anything that may be important for you:
[note that Luckygames is mobile friendly, however my instructions follow the desktop view - so may be slightly different for you if on mobile]

  • Register/Login at Luckygames.io as the exchange is only available for registered users while logged in.

  • ‘Exchange’ appears on the left navigational menu, select it.

  • A large box should popup. On the left, you’ll see all the logos for the coins they support. Select the coin you want to convert. Check out what the minimum amount is for exchanging from that currency (left side, scroll down and see below the ‘amount’ input field).

  • On the right side now, same logos, but now select which currency you would like to convert into

  • Pretend we just have the minimum, back to the left side again, input that minimum amount in the box (or your actual amount if known)

  • The right side should now show the calculation of what you will receive in your wanted currency, the one we selected to convert into.

(This is why it’s important that we didn’t input an amount on the left until we selected our wanted currency on the right, a visual glitch in the calculation can sometimes occur if you input an amount on the left and then select a coin on the right…but if this happens, just re-input the amount on the left and it will recalculate)
Keep note of the converted amount (the calculated amount from the right)

  • Now, if you look on the left navigational menu of the website, select ‘Games’ and any game will do.

  • Below the game field, to the left of the large “DEPOSIT” and “WITHDRAW” buttons, you should see a large list of their supported currencies (if not, there should be a little settings gear within that box, click that and ensure that “Show only non-zero balances” is NOT checked.

  • Find the currency you will be converting to/withdrawing, Select it, then press the large WITHDRAW button… below the “Amount” box you should see the minimum allowed withdraw.


  • If YES - YAY, Go ahead and make a Deposit, being sure to change to the wallet of the coin you’ll be converting from first (because right now, you are looking at the coin you want to end up with… always double check addresses before sending crypto anywhere! They can not rescue coins sent to another coins address).
    Make sure you deposit at least the minimum the exchange said you could exchange ~ there is no actual deposit minimum for the casino though, so you can just leave your funds there if you wanted and just make multiple deposits until you reach the threshold needed for exchange.

IF your exchange calculation says you’ll end up below the required minimum to withdraw; well, it’s up to you… either gamble and hope for luck to grow your balance, keep saving up before doing the exchange… or even convert another coin to bring your balance up. Again, no deposit minimums, only exchange and withdraw minimums to worry about…

Best thing is that you can learn all this before making a single deposit. So many times I’ve had to consult Google or send off a support email for websites to find out what their thresholds are, as many times you actually have to have a balance to find out any calculations or figure out what the minimums are! Not at luckygames!

This might seem like a lot of work when you see it written out, but you do it once and then it’s a piece of cake and takes very little time.

I will vouch for the fact that the thresholds are so low that I’ve personally never had the issue of making an exchange I couldn’t immediately withdraw, and I suspect most people in crypto aren’t low rollers like I am - so you’ll only need to check the minimums once and probably realise it’s safe to assume you’ll always exceed them in your needs - however I do roll low, so I do check minimums and usually scrape by just meeting minimums most times, LOL. But hey, I still qualify even if I only reach the minimums!

For those of you who have turned into avid faucet grinders from following my adventures here; especially those of you who are loyal CoinPot claimers, or even those of you who have yet to use a real market exchange ( they can be quiet intimidating! I collected coins for months before even signing up at my first market exchange! ) LuckyGames is the perfect place because it’s discreet, fast, basically free, and transparent since you can see all calculations and required thresholds before deciding to deposit.

LuckyGames is safe, reliable and trustworthy. I’ve used the exchange there for months, the site itself has been around a few years, and I’ve been depositing and withdrawing safely without any issues. Deposits are credited usually within the first confirmation (if not, you at least get a notification that they are aware of the deposit and it will be credited after x confirmations, a nice touch for paranoid newbies sending crypto around for the first time). Withdraws I’ve made have always happened instantaneously, HOWEVER keep in mind that I am a low roller, so withdraws worth hundreds of coins MIGHT need to be processed manually. However support and the community is not far away if you do run into trouble - they also have an in-game chat, but I can’t remember if I had access to it from the start or if I needed to level up a bit first. Either way, you may never need to speak to anyone as the process is pretty straightforward.

Please let me know if you have used LuckyGames for this sole purpose in the past, or maybe you decide to use it now for the first time after reading this post? If there is a hidden gem for coin conversion that offers even better rates than LuckyGames that you know of? Any of these things, be sure to let me know in the comments!

Good luck, have fun, and HODL to the MOON everyone! See you next week - same place, some time ;)

© KharmaScribbles || ~ 2019

: : This is a themed feature, read more about them [here](https://www.publish0x.com/stories-of-hodl/theme-days-something-new-everyday-xlzynz). : :

*DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are my own and not influenced by any of the companies, coins or services I mention in this review. This is NOT a sponsored endorsement but I may receive a commission if you sign up under my link(s) used throughout my post.
This is not meant as investment advice and you should know that cryptocurrency is a volatile market and your coins could be worth nothing one day and you’d have nothing to show for all your invested time and money. Please use your own judgment and research to see if cryptocurrency, and particularly which coins are right for you.

I am still new to crypto and don’t know enough about all the coins to make a prediction on profitability and I might enjoy a coin that is a terrible choice to you, however I am not responsible for the things that you choose to do.

Originally posted on publish0x, possibly eventually cross-posted to Steemit.

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