Chainlink holy Grail

Chainlink (LINK) the Hodly Grail?

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 4 Jan 2021

Opinion: Chainlink King of accurate data will reign king over all...

First The Heist:

A group of "investors" claimed to have information on chain link being a scam as well as SEC lawsuit. They "published" information claimed to be legit while taking a huge short position on Link. Why would they do this? Chain link was gaining huge popularity prior to it's $20 pump. They did it to cause huge panic and sell off from inexperienced traders and holders.

It worked for a while but as it turned out it was all a scam. Falsified information in their "proof" which people fell for. Once it was proven to be fake. Lots and lots bought back in which drove price back up. However the false information is still being pumped out to continue their short positions.

Many people bought those dips and rightfully so. It went up to $20 and stayed around $12-$15 it even dipped to about $8 but soon went back up to $12

These people go by two names which I wont mention here as they are scum. They continue to pump out false info to scare investors and to continue their short positions, They even state this in their "Reports". They have also done this to several stocks too.


Chain link continues to dominate it's field. There are several available that claim to do about the same that Chainlink does but many are lacking. There are even some on Uniswap that claim to be an Oracle killer but have no real team behind them and continue to be made and rug pulled on rookie investors who then are stuck with a coin with no volume and $0 after buying the hype pump. Several of others which have been hacked and ruined many investors and those companies that used the "oracle" that wasnt as secure as Chainlink soon switched to chainlink to secure their systems after the breaches.

Chainlink continues to show the world it dominance gaining many companies, systems, feeds, etc all while others make grand claims yet fall short or wreck investors.

Not like the others:

Chainlink isn't bitcoin nor is it Ethereum nor should it be compared to them. It is not a security like XRP nor is it used like Vechain. While Chainlink isn't "the best" 100% oracle it does the job well. Imagine owning part of what Amazon or google does, and I dont me buying the stock. If Amazon's whole system was in blockchain form and you could posses it and be part of its ecosystem. The value would increase on each deal, each add on, each development. That in my opinion is what Chainlink is about. Its not about finding use case end user things like with products or purchases. Its about information and how accurate it is. If you know anything about tech then you know data and its accuracy is key, Why else would Facebook and Twitter put so much money into data mining their users and sell it to advertisers. Chainlink is doing that with its accuracy, security and is partnership/companies using its system. Other crypto develop their system then try to find use cases or companies to use it and many fail. I know some people will point out that im partially wrong. But secure consistent accurate data that isn't delayed is basically king.


Since Chainlink's rise and places like 1inch and Uniswap for example rise in popularity weve seen a rise in "oracle" coins. Many of which have been pumped and dumped in the old rug pulling scam. While some arent really oracles at all others are pure scam coins. I am sure youve had some shilled to you then at some point there is a rug pull in form of a big red candle. Not to mention ones pumped and pushed being backed by millions of dollars worth of other crypto as its cap then the founders take it all. Weve seen them pump XRP like crazy as well as other crappy coins that do get a good pump but because of all the shills on Youtube and Twitter and few other places pushing it it gets a pump. but by the time you buy into it its nearing the red zone. I try to teach people to sniff these out. Invest in solid crypto and wait for a buy moment and don't miss it. Chainlink will dominate them all in my opinion. Chainlink doesn't need pumpers, just follow its news and thats all you need for proof.

When to buy?

When investing into anything always do your research. I tell people to tune out everything at the same time. Piece together everything you learn and form a view on it. What do I mean by that? you need do deduce weather its fruitful, profitable, and worthy of a hold. Are you investing or by low sell high? Many people who invest in Chainlink or Tezos generally aren't traders they hold and keep buying when it goes lower and accumulate.

Stop listening to shills and form your own pattern. Watching its movements will help you buy into it when its nice and low. One thing i learnt in crypto is patience and jumping into key moments. There will always be scalpers that can help cause selloffs and the old stop loss hunting will help you gain entries.

Chinlink hit around $8 recently and even $12 was a good buy zone as well Chainlink is sitting at $15 right now and any green profit is profit. Another thing I learned was that never feel the pressure. I've held crypto with a -75% and within a month or two it changed to +200%. Chainlink will always continue to chug along and secure accurate data will always be needed.

When investing in anything you are confident in lowering your average cost is key no matter the investment. I have coins that had been -75% like ive said and held and went back above my entry. I have had other coins that dropped as well and I kept adding to my pile lowering my average cost and then it goes back up. not only does your portfolio look better just by its average entry cost but the size of the bag is bigger and when you do sell your bag wont be as small as it continues to climb up after selling. This is called DCA and many investors that are holding do this trick.


Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last wrote. A lot has happened and not only that 2020 happened and that's all that needs to be said. I'd like to take some time to write about chain link and why it should be at least 25% of your holdings. Chain link took most people off guard. I jumped in when it was under $3 lowest I paid was $1.99 while I know that isn't necessarily early to most but it is to me.


Again this is not financial advice and do your own research. Also I am defiantly not a writer and never claimed to be but if you are investing and like me do your own research make sure you dont listen to pump and dump shills as I try to be as honest as possible and will never take money for my opinion to pump anything (my wife would be mad if she knew I could get paid for this...shhhh dont tell her lol).

Chainlink is 50% of one of my crypto portfolios.



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