Value investing portfolio over the last 3 months

Do overvalued stocks lead to gains in crypto?

My background is in stocks, specifically value and dividend investing but in an inflated market there is not a lot that catches my eye and makes me want to buy. I follow a lot of investing content on various platforms and there have been many people complaining about how poorly stocks are performing and how the market is crashing. I personally see the opposite, yesterday my portfolio hit an all time high and has been on a solid uptrend since the beginning of March.


It seems that the money is flowing out of high multiple and hype stocks, but where is it flowing to? Clearly some of it is flowing to blue-chip companies and value stocks, but what about the rest? Are cryptos seeing a rise because of it?

Just looking at the last month BTC(-4%), ETH(+96%), XRP(+11%), and ADA(+48%) have been performing rather well. With low interest rates and inflation concerns I want to store my money somewhere that will not only hold its value, but hopefully bring a return as well. I personally am looking to cryptos to do that and will be sharing my journey and views on here. At the moment I do not own much but will soon be growing my holdings rather quickly because the more I learn the more I love it



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Stocks And Cryptos. What has better returns?
Stocks And Cryptos. What has better returns?

I began as a dividend and value investor, but in an overvalued market I have become more interested in crypto currencies. I am particularly interested in DeFi, lending, and staking. I want to track returns on a weekly basis to see where one may find the best return on their investment. I am beginning with only what I received for free or needed to deposit in order to receive my rewards on both Coinbase and Voyager. I started out with $100 of my own money and $55 in various rewards

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