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Oil Rig


Ever since the global pandemic of COVID-19 forced everyone into their homes, normal everyday citizens were forced into mandatory stay at home orders put in place by State Governments. When this occurred the oil industry plummeted and has seen a significant drop in their stock price.  I foresee potential for growth, especially owning a few or even a little bit of all the stocks listed below.


Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.B)

The first oil company on my radar is Shell oil that ranks as the 2ndlargest in the world. When choosing which oil stock to purchase, make sure you are familiar with the tax implications of RDS.A which is based in Holland and RDS.B. which is based in the UK. If you are a US citizen its best to stick with RDS.B. Shell oil has seen the highest increase since the start of the pandemic selloff gaining 43% within the last month.  Shell is currently trading at $34.43 and their previous 52 week high was $66.97. If they can return back to trading in their normal territory that will be an increase on 94.5%.  Shell is in no danger of ever going out of business and will come out of this unscathed.


Exxon Mobile (NYSE: XOM)

Next is Exxon Mobile. Their market cap is higher than that of any other oil company in the United States. Since the beginning of the bear market Exxon has seen an increase of 25.3%. They are currently trading at $43.22 which is still far from their 52 week high of $83.49. But, they are the largest oil company in the United States and rank as the 6thlargest in the world. I don’t foresee Exxon Mobile getting swallowed by the rest of the oil producers and if they can get back to trading at the 52 week high you’ll see an increase and return on investment of $93.2%, almost doubling your profit margin. When everything returns to normal and everyone starts to drive again, I’ll see Exxon mobile as a win for your portfolio and future growth.


Chevron (NYSE: CVX)

Chevron is in a similar situation as Exxon mobile.  The market took a turn for the worse with the COVID-19 pandemic but I see Chevron making it out of this mess profitable.  Chevron has seen an increase of 25.1% since the beginning of the bear market and is currently trading at $87.17.  Their previous 52 week high was $127.00 and if they can return to normal that will be an increase of 45%.  This is far from the 93.2% that Exxon could potentially return to but Chevron has the front office to lead them back to where they belong. Chevron ranks as the 8thlargest oil produced in the world. Exxon is another oil producer that I see coming out of this profitable in the future.

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Stocks to target during the global pandemic
Stocks to target during the global pandemic

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