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By Wexd | STLX.Online | 7 May 2021

                                                                                                     STLX Coin


        ¿Do you like new crypto projects?


         Since few years ago Stellia Online platform its growing.

         Maybe its time to take a look on it.




        Stellia Token was born as a random number generator, now at days , have projected lot of services for crypto users.

        - Own Wallet

        - Staking (Test Version)

        - Mining Pools 

        - Swap (Soon)

        - Airdrops ( Coming Soon )


        Check out if you want to give a try.


        I also notice you can contact with STLX team for any suggestion. 

        I will post more new intersting projects about cryptos, follow and comment if you know some other Tokens or Coins like this.


        WexDex 2021 / 07 / 05



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