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By Stingu666 | stingu666 | 2 Nov 2021


Faucet ecological SAX project redefines blockchain mining, a simple way to quickly earn cryptocurrency, and participate in faucet ecological token SAX mining through mobile app.

Faucet ecology runs independently and is distributed on the SmartX chain. It rewards participants through interesting and simple mining games. It is an ecological application without boundary. SAX shares the value concept of 100% community autonomy. Everyone can empower it and hold it. SAX is all mined and divided by community members. There is no official ownership or large whale family. Those who operate mining nodes receive SAX token reward share.

Faucet ecological SAX project will be officially launched at 15:00 (GMT+08:00) on October 25, 2021

(If you already have a wallet you can skip first part.)
* First, we set up the Coral Wallet - https://wallet.smartx.one/

* Set the password and download the .json file, then load the downloaded file into the wallet.

* When we set up a wallet, copy the wallet address and paste it here https://miner.smartx.one/
* We provide the invitation code: hgct2n
without the code it is impossible to start the miner.

Faucet ecological SAX Mining Rules:

  1. After logging in, mining will start automatically. Click “little white hand” to conduct man-machine verification and collect gold coins. When you log in for the first time, you need to download about 2MB of graphics, which may cause some delays.
  2. When mining, 1 gold coin is generated per second. The miner collects the generated gold coins by clicking them, and then selects the upgrade account. By upgrading the account, miners can store more gold coins offline and collect them after turning on the faucet again.
  3. The faucet ecological token SAX is calculated according to the number of gold coins earned. However, if the gold coins are not collected before 24:00 every night when they are offline, the miners are not eligible for SAX tokens.
    Please note: if you do not collect gold coins, you will not receive gold coins and thus SAX tokens.
  4. When the miner’s account is upgraded to a higher level, the number of times required to collect gold coins will be gradually reduced to a minimum of once a day. The account level can only be upgraded to level 80.
  5. Miners need to submit SmartX Wallet address to log in. You need an invitation code to participate in faucet ecological mining.
  6. The first level account can only invite up to 7 people, but the higher the account level, the more friends you can invite.
  7. Inviting friends will receive 10% of all gold coins of the invitee. Please note that if the invitees do not log in, or do not collect their gold coins, you will not receive gold coins too.
  8. SAX tokens obtained from faucet ecology will be released at the beginning of next month. For example, SAX tokens obtained in January will be released at the beginning of February. Only miners whose account level is above level 10 and whose cumulative SAX token reward exceeds 10 in the current month are eligible for SAX token reward.
  9. Punishment mechanism: malicious users, such as those who try to create multiple wallet addresses to obtain more SAX, will be blacklisted. We also limit the number of accounts logged in from the same IP. If too many users from the same IP address are found, the account will be automatically blacklisted. In this case, all gold coins will be considered invalid. At the same time, such accounts will not receive SAX token rewards. We want all participants to compete fairly. Appeals by users who take such fraudulent actions will not be entertained.
  10. Miners who use system vulnerabilities will not get SAX tokens. We reserve the right to change the release time and reset the ad series data. We will continue to collect feedback from miners and strive to provide a better experience for all miners.
  11. When logging in, the miner may take several seconds to display the gold coins accumulated offline. In addition, you can complete the collection only if you have accumulated at least 30 gold coins.
  12. During the initial test, some users were unable to open, log in, collect and synchronize data due to the fluctuation of network connection. If you encounter this situation, please refresh the page and log in again.
  13. If the miner appears the prompt of “plug-in conflict” during the completion of man-machine verification, turn it off and then verify again. It may have multiple plug-in conflicts, which is caused by your browser plug-in settings.




Price of the coin: Unknown.

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