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By Stingu666 | stingu666 | 26 Jan 2023

Good evening everyone! Here I am once again with new p00ls quest.


New opportunity to get some free tokens from the p00ls platform. The artist behind the token $GAMA is artist Maga. He is  a music producer & DJ born in Nice, France that is currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal. After years of existing within the world of music, Maga chose to follow his heart and embark on his own musical journey as a DJ. Since then, Maga has toured all over the world and performed at huge festivals such as Burning Man. The DJ has been releasing music since 2016, in collaboration with some of the best producers in the world. Maga has released several EP’s and recently dropped his new album “Resona” in March 2022. He now runs a record label called Scenarios with fellow producers Emanuel Satie, Tim Engelhardt, Sean Doron, and Yulia Niko, as well as his own studio in Lisbon at Som de Lisboa. 

And p00ls are giving us chance to get to know his productions. To earn tokens you have to listen to two of his songs (you can skip after a minute) and take a part in short quiz about the artists life. 

If you don't have an account yet you can use my referral link ->

If you do just log on the site and complete the tasks. 

Questions and answers :

1. Where was Maga born?
-Nice, France
2. Maga once owned a Nightclub in Cape Town, South Africa

After completing this simple tasks you will get 4 $GAMA tokens :) 


Hope you found it helpful and see ya in future. 


1d5c2999f66756f59781ef123dc688ca7965acf1dd8351cdde9c456625df26f9.jpg About the platform : 

P00LS is your gateway to Web3, from NFTs to the metaverse and beyond.  Partners with creators + brands to CREATE THEIR OWN social tokens. The approach is purpose-driven, community-first and always culturally attuned. It means you can use tokens to be a part of their Web3 world for example get access to their private Instagram, exclusive music, merchandise, tickets and more.       

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