Uphold Wallet - User Review!

By geraldst | geraldst | 7 Jun 2020

I was introduced to this crypto world through the brave browser. And Uphold is the wallet that I had to use to withdraw my earning from Brave. So there is this inbuilt feeling towards the wallet that is forcing me to write this review!

Uphold is a leading cloud-based digital currency platform that allows transactions between more than 30 different countries and different precious metals like gold and palladium. In simple terms Uphold is a hot wallet.

Their cloud money service allows users to hold and convert their holdings with ease. Also they allow their users to transact their money instantly, securely and that too for free.

Launched in the end of the year 2014, Uphold has managed to become one of the most used and, of course, rated cloud service out there. They removed all transaction fees to verified users in June 2015 and this move could be the prime factor for their fast growth. Also, the Uphold connect introduced users to an open platform which would facilitate many types of currency exchanges and transactions on many different devices.

According to their official website, they allow the transactions between 27 national currencies, 30 cryptocurrencies, 6 stablecoins and 4 metals with 35+ countries with bank connectivity.

analysis from Uphold website


  • safe
  • secure
  • fast
  • ease of accessibility
  • free service
  • solvency verified through quarterly audits
  • deposits can be made through bitcoin, bank transfer, credit/debit card and cash

Cons (in my perspective)

  • Sometimes confusing.
  • Is not supported in India
  • user interface of the app is often confusing

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