Panther Swap Over 1500% APR No Deposit Fee Chance Coming

I did this video pretty fast because I wanted to get into this site before things get really crazy. They have a chance a lot more TVL going into the farms tomorrow when they swap them over to the LP ones and waive the fees. They will also allow you to move your tokens around so that is pretty cool. They are a combo of pancake swap and goose DeFi. I like both those projects so a new site that is doing the best parts of those projects was one I was willing to put some money into. Let me know what you think and if you happen to use my referral thanks a lot. I forgot to go over the reflect part sorry a lot to talk about here it is 1% Burn and 4% into locked LP.

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SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects
SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects

I am a fan of Blockchain Games as they allow users to own the items. As the projects grow some of them are going to let items be moved from one game to another. It is setting the stage for finding a great weapon that can move with you from game to game. Or finding an item that will pay for you to start up in a new game. I am also a fan of any Blockchain Project that is looking to take power away from centralized platforms that take advantage of their customers. Like Celsius and

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