Beliefs - The Most Powerful Mantra To Bring ALL Your Desires Into Your Life (Love, Money, Career)

By Steven Aitchison | StevenAitchison | 25 Jun 2020


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If you listen to this mantra for 21 days in a row, you will begin attracting a higher vibrational energy which will help you attract more money, more love, more 'luck', better relationships, and more of what you desire in your life.

Before listening to this mantra, set an intention of what you desire and then listen to this mantra for 21 days with your intention in mind. Once you've listened to the mantra let your intention go out into the universe and not think about it again until the next day.

The key is letting go of the outcome of your desire, just trust that it is coming to you.

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Steven Aitchison
Steven Aitchison

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