"Response Ability" and the best New Years Resolution I ever made

By stevea68 | SteveA | 16 Dec 2020

I saw this video entitled "Everything is your Response Ability" and it reminded me a New Years Resolution I made years ago - and that was that for a year I was going to avoid, to whatever extent I could, have any "bad days".

My life had been drifting downhill for quite a while in terms of becoming for frustrated and angry about how things were going and it was actually getting a bit frightening what life might look over some years if that trend continued.

Well, the result was actually great (I just got goosebumps thinking about it) - I think there was only 1 day that year that I'd have to say was "bad" but there was another day that started heading that direction and I basically stopped and paused and thought I need to figure out something better for how this goes - and I turned it around!  I did that quite a few times that year and have basically stuck with that "new reflex" as part of how I work with life now.

It's not any specific way of doing things really but just simply catching it when I begin heading down that deep hole of frustration, anger/rage and stop for a bit and try to find a better way to go, yes, even if it means acting upon those emotions but in a more productive way and usually it's just shifting attention to something better and not dwelling upon things that have already happened don't deserve any more immediate attention - figuratively taking the blinders off and finding alternatives instead of the reflexes running the show.

So here's a link to that video "Everything is Your Response Ability"

Good luck with your endevours

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