Music Compilation #6 (Back to the roaring '20s with some swing, boogie and electrofunk)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 17 Nov 2020

We're back in the 20s again, though it's the 2020s this time instead of  the 1920s (some may have deja vu?).  Or, if you want to dip a foot into the infinite, maybe this year is actually 12020? (don't bother heading down that insane rabbit hole very far - we're "here for/and now")

Anyway, let's see if we can do any better on the music over 100 years (not to discredit any of it "last time 'round").  Here's an introductory sample to an aspect of some of the "vibe" that would seem a great inclusion.

"Piano Funk Groove in F" played by Jonathan Wilson

So wouldn't it be cool if someone from the 20s could "fast forward" 100 years and hear some "modern" (for now) music and be practically blown away at both how awesome it is/was as well as being something that's "relatable" and comprehensible (who knows, maybe the waterfalls of Niagara ultimately win across the board as being the most beautiful sound, but just like the 2020 U.S. Presidential (re)Elections, I'm not convinced all the results are in yet)

So here's analogy of the general theme as well as a *high five* to any of those secretive *cult* lovers of the movie Xanadu - Who cares what people said the critics thought - by definition, critics criticize - when there's something you really love, my suggestion is to kick them all out, close the door ... and maybe even lock it! ;).

I've enjoyed this video, but I'd lessen the quantity of "screaming cat people", skin tight leotards and even tone down a little on the number of constricting suit & tie combos.  Interesting idea either way.

Question: "Would you also like to get rid of electric guitars and music synthesizers?"

Answer: "Wait, wait, let's not be too hasty about this!" ;)

I like the general idea of adding new possibilities even if they're sometimes considered politically incorrect - there's a great chance almost everything, at one point or another, was considered to be politically/socially incorrect/wrong.  "Bad decision man - you wanna be a loser?"  Slap the capital L on my head - I don't care much anymore.  I want to cash in on some of the work I've been doing and enjoy life more for a change:

Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar

Here's another sample, in this case it's an "Electroswing" piece with shuffle dancing that is definitely enjoyable but toning back on the stolen gold and insurance speech in the background would have been a great idea ;)

In either case, enjoy.  Life's probably going to go on either way

Slowly inches a step forward ;)

Until next time ...

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