Music Compilation #48 - Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra

By stevea68 | SteveA | 12 Feb 2021

The Electric Light Orchestra is a band that was popular in the 70s and early 80s.  Personally, they were most iconic from their extensive musical contributions to the movie Xanadu but they were popular on radio stations too.

Jeff Lynne was the lead singer and recently produced some more music with a similar feel.  His vocals with that sweet and smooth audio processing are easy to recognize. :D  Here are some newer songs written by him and ELO.

When I Was A Boy by Jeff Lynne / ELO

Excuse me while I *turns the EMO knob up from 50% to 60%*.  I noticed someone put this song to a clip from a movie and think it matches, so ...

Alone In The Universe by Jeff Lynne / ELO

Oh, dang, looks like I'm a roll for EMO this morning.  *Cranks the knob up another 5%* ;)

All My Life by ELO / Jeff Lynne

And for an older song by ELO, here's a clip from the movie Xanadu accompanied by

I'm Alive by ELO

Maybe I should have selected other content to post but hey, Imma just click post. :)

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