Music Compilation #43 - Steve Winwood

By stevea68 | SteveA | 23 Jan 2021

What's to be said about Steve other than he has a great first name ;) AND he's probably got some music you haven't heard in a long time, if ever.

Though he began his career in the 60s, he became quite popular for a time during the 80s with quite a bit of air time on the radio stations here.  I even bought one of his cassettes.  His music appears influenced by a range of styles though rock and soul appear to be the most significant. 

Well, here's a quick summary of a few of is songs I really enjoyed:

Higher Love by Steve Winwood

There's just something about 80s music videos that gives them away ... LOL  The lyrics seem to held up well for a long time though.

While You See A Chance by Steve Winwood

... and I'll wrap it up with Back In The High Life by Steve Winwood

Until next time ...

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