Music Compilation #42 - More Solo guitar playing with audio looping by Sean Angus Watson

By stevea68 | SteveA | 22 Jan 2021

Here's quite a talented guitar player and he's perfecting the art of solo guitar playing using a loop pedal to lay down various accompanying tracks.

I've got a few video links of his playing but he has some albums compiled together as well.  Even though the 50s is way before my time, I must've done slow dancing to music like this first one as a teenager at a prom or church dance because it just has "that vibe".

Here's a 50s improvisation in B flat by San Angus Watson

He's also got a lot of talent in creative nice rhythmic accompaniments and harmonies.  Yes, I'm sure it's easy to get carried away playing like this with the skills to do it.

Wherever You Are by Sean Angus Watson

I think he's a candidate for setting a new record in the Guiness Book of Records for longest number of hours of continuous guitar playing while doing original compositions.  Go Sean, Go!!!  You can do it man! :D

I've already hit loop on this video and let the loops within loops withing loops ... run for hours. 

"Developing An Idea On A Loop Pedal" - Sean Angus Watson


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