Many in the U.S. are "unflipping" Presidential expectations and Electoral College votes back to Trump

By stevea68 | SteveA | 1 Jan 2021

Despite almost a year of informational and psychological assaults on freedom and individual rights in the U.S., many are actually living through it and asserting their desires for a better life more than ever.

Multiple State Legislatures have reclaimed their inherent Constitutional right (from more recent systemic conventions) to assign Electors for the U.S. Presidency.

Many individuals have also been contributing to the effort to discount the apparent "mainstream media" agenda to assert Joe Biden as the president for 2020.  I've bumped into a few people like that in my life who just want it their way and will even get physically violent if I don't simply bow out.

Here's the catch that someone/something doesn't seem to understand, and it's also something that's not my problem to attempt to assuage or "deal with" - the 2 options typically expected are flight, or if flight is not available, then fight, but it gets WAY DEEPER than such simplistic views.

So let's say neither of those options are beneficial for us, then what to do?  Freeze / "play dead" is a 3rd option - so we can extend it to Flight, Flight or Freeze ... but what if ONCE AGAIN none of those options work for us, then what else?

Might I suggest another F word, such as Flamenco?

Hmmm ... sure dude, we can work with that.  In fact, I'll spin one up another one for you!

I'll ask the question - "Can we get crazier than that?"

I believe the answer is ... probably or almost certainly a yes.

(Gotta to love (or not) the internet LOL)

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