How could we create a voting system that almost anyone could individually audit?

By stevea68 | SteveA | 15 Nov 2020

I saw this video and it puts a large question mark on the validity of electronic voting systems and it could apply to multiple countries.

Absentee voting is potentially another issue, especially if much of those are distributed,  collected and processed in ways that could include highly centralized biases or via  untraceable automation.

The ideal would seem to be that people vote. in person, with some form of voter identification and voter anonymity might have to be restricted if auditabiliity is desired.

It seems beneficial to allow for a diversity in local voting methods, especially if it's only with regard to selecting local representatives or determining aspects of local governance but when the results are to be included in larger scale results, then some compliance to common standards in that respect are likely required.

Another potential widespread weakness to democratic systems is if there are highly centralized means of censoring, biasing or targeting information to individuals.  As an extreme example, imagine if people in one area were accessing the equivalent of a separate internet with potentially completely different information than that presented to others - that could cause a highly "dislexic" scenario in the populace with many potential problems and conflicts arising.  This could occur simply as an unexpected consequence of have site preferences or cookies and targeting marketing and wouldn't specifically arise from any malicious intent, but it's a possible effect of modern technologies that could be helpful to recognize.

It's difficult to know who, what, why, how, when etc. such possible issues could arise as well as what possible effects these could have on a society and how could things be such that much of this was more transparent to individuals and allow the capability for someone to test assumptions of its validity.

My guess is that it could get quite deep if someone decided to try diving down a rabbit hole like that and ultimately it may be that there's little need - whatever consequences there are would appear to be unavoidable and nature/the universe/God or whatever the ultimate powers that be are is involved, so one option is to simply do whatever one feels is best and leave the rest of it up to whatever is responsible in its own court.

A possible suggestion is to shift toward limiting the quantity of unknowns in ones life - becoming more independent or working in smaller groups with there being more immediately verifiable ways of seeing how ones efforts influence the group, could also help.

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