Do you think president Trump will be reelected?

By stevea68 | SteveA | 10 Nov 2020

I've generally been able to resist following the "political goings on" for some election cycles now but this year I got sucked into the drama once again.

For a long time I'd been a Republicanly "biased" individual (~65% of generally Republican party themes I'd agree with and 40% of those of Democratic proponents), but I've only voted twice in my life and both times it felt like a let down - either the elected individual seemed to switch focus in favor of issues I'd tend to resist or media came in and swamped the "good guy" I was hoping would win.

More or less I've given up, though president Trump doesn't seem to have been a particularly bad failure (I'd really have enjoyed seeing Ron Paul in office).

Anyway, let's skip to the chase - from what I've heard it seemed like Trump won the reelection but then later a lot of the information seemed to switch towards the Biden/Harris duo.

Again, I'm not specifically a Trump proponent and I would like things to be MUCH better but I believe many people are questioning whether or not Biden should be the apparently (from  multiple "mainstream" news/information sources) new president.

I'm not saying I think Trump is ideal, but I'm curious how you feel about what's happened so far this election cycle.  (Yes, personally I think Trump got the vote but we can do better in 2024 ... we're trying to work with a "system" that could potentially be better)

Anyway, feel free to suggest ideas of how things could be improved.

Wishing for the best


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