Biden to become first "virtual" president in U.S. history

By stevea68 | SteveA | 5 Jan 2021

Honestly, I feel a bit sorry for Joe Biden.  I don't assume he desired to be in this position, nor do I assume Donald Trump wanted it - a lot of things have shown up in life that I didn't want either ... there seems to be a possible pattern here, but at least let's celebrate the good news.

Yes, reality is beginning to set in for all the socialist/communist/Marxist (or more or less heavy handed and inconsiderate ruler) folks - they can't pay the bills nor apparently are even able to spare enough to put together a fake inauguration ceremony anymore.  The inauguration parade for Joe Biden has been canceled.

I saw it back in the 80s when California still had a lot of heavy industries around and government came in and shut down a lot of industries and shipped things off to China.  Despite the propaganda, "systemic racial" issues have been against non-blacks (I was rejected from working for a highly over paid government contract because ... can you guess it? ... I'm a white man) - in fact a friend and intelligent man I knew from Nigeria (I met him in a technical book store - he wanted to develop a program to help people learn to speak his native language) told me he felt embarrassed to be black here basically because of how racially polarized the system is.  I think it's not specifically about race but about a system that, instead of helping those in need, tends to make them dependent and indoctrinate them into it and many people, especially those raised within large cities, don't have much of any exposure or alternatives available to them.  I've even seen similar things in my own family, but (I'm not exactly religious, here's still a "Thank the Lord!") there are limits that nature cannot / will not sustain and I believe we're beginning to see a large scale collapse of poor systems of government.

I have a feeling I could get along more naturally and easily with a random tribe of people in the Amazon than some of those who've been born and raised by government systems here.

My suggestion - just stay the ground you desire - don't "feed the beast" or give much of any support to it ("Walk away", if you can) and just let it collapsed in on itself.

Maybe there are better options but I don't much of anythings going to change without learning a few things from the "hard school of knocks".

Reality will win in any event.

Honestly, this is actually pretty sad all around - despite what he says, there's really nothing to celebrate about this.  It's more of a relief.


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