An interesting conversation on the qualities, experiences and insights regard "awakening" and "enlightenment"

By stevea68 | SteveA | 14 Dec 2020

This video is from a YouTube channel ("The Stoa", derived from the word stoacism) that I was exploring today.  It has many indepth discussions on a diverse realm of subjects including philosophy, social paradigms, information theory, and correlations between woodworking and extrapolating it to principles by which life complies etc.

It's basically just a collection of people interested in discussing ideas outside much of the day-to-day themes.

This particular episode regards the subject/process I'd consider is generally referred to as "enlightenment" (Which, more or less, I'd summarize as realizing life is ones own for better or worse and to do with, or at least attempt to, as what one may - it's the contemplation of what complete freedom might imply - yet it implies nothing as well, because it already is ... etc. etc.).

The channel has a diverse range of subjects and is still probably worth exploring for people who aren't particularly interested in that (generally Eastern) subject.

"Hardcore Dharma" from The Stoa channel on Youtube

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