A bit of improvisational DJing

A musical montage for your perusal

By stevea68 | SteveA | 13 Nov 2020

How about we spin up the turntable for a bit of DJing?  I've put together some YouTube music videos with some diversity to sample from:

An acapella cover by Home Free of Mayday by Cam

One of the very first pieces of electronic music synthesis (probably from around '79) that really turned me on to the field:

Equinoxe V by Jean Michael Jarre

Here's quite an energetic mashup of That's not my Name with the Ting Tings, The Knack and Toni Basil

How about a quick sample of something "Classical"?  ;)  (Although in terms of Chiptunes, it practically IS a collection of classics - semi-tongue-in-cheek ;)

Maybe slow it down with a more instrumental folkish piece from the 70s?

Sand in Your Shoes by Al Stewart

Here's quite an original animation with an accompanying composition.  "Pipe Dreams 2" by Animusic (One of the commenters said they must have had a "lot of balls" to make this video LMAO!)


There are a lot more genres that could be explored.  We could more edgy, heavy, cheesy, gangster, bluegrass, jazz, country, funky, popish, even highly experimental and potentially disturbing, culturally thematic, relaxing and meditative ... etc. etc. etc. whatever mood prevails for a musical journey.  Feel free to post a comment if you'd like to check out more ideas.




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