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By stevea68 | SteveA | 13 Jan 2021

I used to read a lot as a teenager and would be the kid digging through stacks of books at a thrift store or carrying them back and forth to a library, when younger.  I don't read as much anymore but have recently enjoyed relaxing at night on a couch and delving a little deeper into a couple books.

(Yes, I've got stories about hanging out in libraries too LOL)

Anyway, I thought I'd share theses titles, or possibly just "rekindle" a desire for reading to anyone else who's found pleasure in it.  Both of these I found at used book stores, so yes, you could go on-line and see what you can find but I admit digging through old shelves or boxes of books has a particular appeal to me ;)

The first recommendation is "The Deeper Dimension of Yoga - Theory and Practice" by Georg Feuerstein.  Both this and the next recommendation are books I've been taking my time reading.  It's easy to just simply look at the words and create a mental dialouge by to focus attention and really try to "digest" the material is more of a challenge.

I've been enjoying this book because it's very tolerant, inclusive and insightful.  The author appears to have had quite a broad realm of experiences and managed to integrate them well into a cohesive whole that elucidates well upon some of my own personal experiences.  (Yes, I enjoyed creating such an eloquently stated sentence!  LOL  *cheers Steve!* =)

Basically though the book tends to show how quite a diverse range of desires and pursuits tend to lead to similar insights in life and I remember hearing this from others too ... well I don't know exactly where "the path" leads but I believe I've taken a few steps along it in my life and, though I'm not sprinting exactly along it, I've come to accept it is a slightly strange, but real, part of my life.

It's both a challenge but also a welcome relief and no, I don't want to close the door.  I'm happy to have found the possibility for a bit of magic in life still remains.

The second recommendation is Heaven's Reach by David Brin.  This book is about a "man" who is actually from a race of monkies (he's actually half human and monkey) that's been "Uplifted" by alien intervention over long periods of time in their attempts to make a galactic cooperative collective of sentient beings from diversity in the galaxy.

"He" (the main protagonist) has been "employed" by these aliens to explore "alternate dimensions" in "dreamspace",  or "E space" as it is referred to in the book.

He lives both in a "real world" as well as doing missions withing a semi spaceship in dream world, where he encounters many, primarily mental, challenges.

It's been quite a mindbending twist reading it but especially because of my personal "what if" additions to the storyline.  Maybe the "rollercoaster" can be as crazy as you want / allow / or are simply capable of tolerating?

I have a feeling there are a lot of things I can't give you an answer too, but at least if you're interested in "kicking back" in a comfortable location of your preference and desiring of exploring some of it ... well, I may be able to assist ... or not.  I can get really confusing at times LOL

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