2nd rehearsal for an on-line music festival

By stevea68 | SteveA | 6 Apr 2021

So, let's get a little mini-party going?   I'll flip to a new clean sheet in the idea book, but as "Emily2u" pointed out, there may be a finite supply of such pages well. *crosses fingers and does the 'to infinity and beyond' move* (which at this point is both so cliche, yet not ;) ... don't worry, that was a great joke, but you weren't there to witness it ;)

Anyway, so what should be the theme for this 2nd round of preparations for an online musical festivals you ask?

Well, here's an idea Westlife is suggesting and it's called Amazing! (ok, minus the exclamation point ...)


Look, lots of blank idea pages came out of that one. Perfect!!

Alright, so we need a little inspiration, preferably with a nice beat and bass line. Something energetic and danceable would be great, so what sort of motivating talent do we have on hand?

Ah yes, *points to the couple girls with their hands raised on the front row* - Would you like to show us what you got?

Zendaya and Bella singing and performing in Watch Me!


Yes, yes, great. Keep it coming ... and please pardon me while I run a quick check in the background through an expanded set of semi-random possibilities:

Wow, quite a rush *recovers from ideas and finds a quite interesting "boundary condition" that could be entertaining to explore*

Here's a direction that might be worth pursuing: ;)

Best Day Of My Life by American Authors

Alright, plenty more things to work on, but that seems like a good spot to put a John Hancock on this and sign off for the evening,  Nighters folks and hope you had fun. 

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