News that drives bitcoin to rise days ahead

We know that correction after correction is driving the price of bitcoin down. But wait, there is something to consider. Although bitcon does not depend only on good or bad news, we know and can say that it has a strong influence on this.

Only this Thursday 08/08, we had the news that the central banks of New Zealand, India and Thailand announced possible interest rate cuts, making the whole market shake once again.




This strong news has an impact on bitcoin, and could make it as high as $ 15,000, because cryptocurrencies become a haven at this time for business people and consumers who are not very confident in the global marketplace.

We can also consider that this week alone bitcoin rose 17%, thus becoming a strong uptrend. Its dominance is very close to 70%.

News like this that drives bitcoin, we will not have every day, but one thing we know, this positivity in the market is increasingly consolidated.


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