Mining - Is It Still Worth It? What is the solution?

12Ships has been bringing a perfect futuristic proposal to help combat the high energy expenditure on mining.




Nowadays, what constitutes a problem for mining is precisely the high energy consumption used in this process. 12Ships in turn has been doing great work to solve this problem.

It also proposes a development of an e-commerce service that will allow users to benefit from the integrated blockchain platform for negotiations.

Mining Pool

For the first time in the industry, we are developing 'Panokseon II', a high-performance / high-efficiency hardware using 11-nano process ASIC, and developing 'HANSANDO', the only domestic mining pool in Korea for transparent and fair distribution. Hash power over a certain scale is required for smooth mining pool operation. 

This hash power requires a high level of software skills and operational capabilities to validate the record of the block chain and to link the blocks and distribute the profits through error-free calculate.



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