#AavexStatus Sticker Design Competition - We have a winner!

#AavexStatus Sticker Design Competition - We have a winner!

Status and Aave are proud to announce that we have a winner for the #AavexStatus sticker competition! The top ten submissions were selected based on a shortlist compiled by the Aave design team and a vote via both Twitter and the Status public channel #status.

🥁 Drum roll please:

🎉 Congratulations to Farzin Salimi for getting over 80 total votes and taking first place!

The prizes for the top 10 submissions are as follows:

🏆 1st Place: $500 in aUSDC and a Keycard. Plus the winning sticker pack will be featured as the official Aave Sticker Pack in the Status App Sticker Market & will be used in all Aave community channels.

🥈 2nd place: $250 in aUSDC and a Keycard

🥉 3rd place: $150 in aUSDC and a Keycard

⭐ 4th: $60 in aUSDC

⭐ 5th: $40 in aUSDC

⭐ 6th - 10th place: $20 in aUSDC




We're delighted to showcase the following winning sticker packs and hope to see them all populating Status chats shortly :)

1st Place: Farzin Salimi




2nd Place: Berto and Aave Halloween




3rd Place: Receh Ambil




4th Place: Ultraviol.eth




5th Place: Reuuumei




6th Place: Super Secret Banana




7th Place: Lartistograf




8th Place: DeFi Girl




9th Place: Jean Paul




10th Place: ıǝʌnɐɐʇoɾ




A huge thank you to all of the artists who participated in the #AavexStatus competition! Get the Status App to check out the new sticker packs as they start to populate Aave related chats across channels. Thank you to Aave and Keycard for their contributions to the prize pool!

Congratulations again Farzin!


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