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Statera (STA) is an Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT) and is run by a smart contract system and it collaborates with community-driven portfolios of world-class cryptocurrencies. Trading with Statera provides people with lots of great opportunities and because of this trading increases which in turn increases the activity and engagement. This means that trading attracts liquidity and Staters serves as a perfect platform for these activities.

This innovation done by Statera is really remarkable, as IDT is the new asset class. Basically this term ensures that for every transaction, 1% of the amount transacted is destroyed. This asset was developed through smart contracts that are immutable and community-driven. This innovation was only possible in cryptocurrency space as deflationary index funds cannot exist in traditional finance.

This brings advancement to the crypto industry as a whole and the idea of Statera of deflationary token in index funds benefits as it decreases the change that can happen rapidly. This means that by following the deflationary mechanism volatility can be decreased and positive price pressure is increased. This mechanism also has benefits in the ecosystem (Balancer pools and Uniswap), as it increases the amounts and volume of trade that is going on, and this, in turn, increases the chances of swaps which leads to higher spread.

The Statera smart contract is immutable and the token is very safe and secure. Their system is truly decentralized, runs on decentralized finance, which means no one person controls the ecosystem but everyone involved in the process controls it. This reduces the chances of any fraud rendering the token secure.


  • Statera provides two uniswap pools one is the STA pool which allows people to trade Statera and Etherum. Adding activity people can get Delta token which is 50/50 STA and ETH. The delta token is free of any transaction fee. 


  • The other one is Delta pool, in which people can buy STA Delta token that is (ETH/STA) for STA. Any trade will give them Delta liquidity pool token which is 75%STA/25%ETH and this type of token gives people benefit if they want to hold Etherum added with features of decreased volatility and upward price pressure that is given by Statera


Statera can be really helpful in supply chain management because the supply chain could easily improve efficiency, audible tracking, reduce counterfeiting, and limit exploitative behaviors. A study shows that more than 2% of global economic output results from counterfeiting revenues and this is more common in consumer goods.

Blockchain along with the use of smart contracts like Statera ensures transparency of consumer goods from origin till it reaches the consumer. Other uses are that people can get accurate data about what a company owns, how an asset is used by asset tracking, easy detection of the location of products, and improved licensing of services, products, and software. 

The following could be the benefits of Statera for supply chain management:

  • Decentralized nature.
  • Immutability.
  • Transparency.


They have an aim to make investments in cryptocurrency accessible, easier, and secure for the people and Statera is making their path in Defi space where it will make new innovations. Through them, investments in crypto can be successful and it is great news for everyone.


DeFi Girl
DeFi Girl

As a Dr. Of Pharmacy I intent to bring Decentralization to solve health sector's current problems. Presently I work as Algorand Ambassador & Tech Enthusiast.

Statera Project Innovative token
Statera Project Innovative token

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