TradeRaceManager2: Crypto Trading and Gaming on a Different Level

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In 2019, a Rutgers University research about gamers have identified that gaming and cryptocurrency trading have a very close overlap, claiming they are similar since both are mostly available, ananymous and unregulated. Blockchain popularity have given rise to a unique digital asset class called NFTs, representing assets that range from digital arts to plots of virtual lands and records for ownership of physical assets. NFTs cannot be replicated because their potentials can bridge the gap between physical and virtual economies since they can be collected and traded in an open digital marketplace.

NFTs have triggered a new age of blockchain gamifications whose market valuation and user base have been accelerated by growing adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, empowering the global populace with an alternative means of income. User experience in many of the existing blockchain gaming platform are quite complicated with issues that includes basic knowledge of the technology and the high cost of gaming. This article, talks about Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM2), a blockchain game developed by a group of traders and enthusiasts called QORPO, TRM2 is a successor of the original Trade Race Manager.

Introducing TRM2

TRM2 is a blockchain and NFTs powered player versus player (PvP) 3D game that is offering gamers unlimited rewards with it play-to-earn gaming model. TRM2 gameplay typically centers around the collection, use and trading of NFTs while enjoying cryptocurrency trading alongside. The game is an idea that seek to make cryptocurrency trading profession less boring and more interesting by connecting traders and promoting them to racers. Thus traders will be able to get in touch and learn from themselves, traders can build a racing team that can compete and win prizes in a gaming metaverse designed with an aesthetic UI.


Relying on gaming principles to create a clearer picture of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, TRM2 is an interactive social cryptocurrency trading platform that is designed for two category of users, which includes the less experience cryptocurrency traders that have an internet access and are only interested in the economic aspect of the technology even though they have a positive outlook about it, and successful traders that are willing to engage with other source of income as they are open to new ideas based on their gathered years of trading experience.

Racers will need to own a racing car, which is an nft that is fueled wilth a cryptocurrency token/coin in the sense that the performance of the token/coin determine the progress of the car. Racers benefits from getting paid with TRM2 metaverse utility token, $IOI, they also benefit from investing in racing tracks as well as owning and managing teams. Tentatively, TRM2 game metaverse will feature NFTs of cars, racers (characters), trophy for winners, and racing teams. These NFTs can be staked for passive rewards, they can be used in-game, and they can be traded in QORPO nft marketplace.

Anybody Can Join and Play TRM2

With teams being a vital elements of TRM2 game metaverse, joining a team is free and a prerequisite for anyone that want to play the game. Being a team member comes with a lot of benefits which includes:

  • Every team have a manager that is a professional trader whom is often looking at charts and providing team members with strategies and particular days to fuel their cars. Teams also have private chat groups where real connections are built through interactions and sharing of tips with each other.
  • Since every team is an nft on it own whose value increases with every new member that joins, every team has an owner and a manager. Members with a minimum of 1000 $IOI can apply to hold the managerial position in their team and play vital role of being able to moderate and provide fueling strategies for the team in return for a 10% share from the undivided prize pool when any member wins a race.


  • Becoming a team owner requires creating one at the rate of 1000 $IOI and build it from scratch with everything included. Owners can pick and replace manager from the team members, and they stand to earn 20% share from the undivided prize pool when any team member win a race.

TRM2 Different Race Types

TRM2 features a brand new and unique 3D racing experience with visuals that are breath taking, players join races that they have the corresponding race car available in their garage. Various race types are available in TRM2, they includes:

  • Free Race: Tentatively this is a free tier that is open for everybody to join whether they own an nft or not. Free race happens in every three minuets with all winners rewarded with the same value in $IOI.
  • Portfolio Races: This type of racing is for nft holders (traders), the better the nft a trader is holding = the better their rewards. This type of trading happens in every five minuets.
  • Tournaments: These are the biggest racing events and are held four times daily for nft holders, the tournaments are played with either cars or boats with 64 $IOI shared between the winners of each. Tournaments constitute of qualification and substitution stages, with each stage constituting of another ten rounds.


TRM2 Metaverse Token ($IOI) & Its Tokenomics

$IOI is the native utility token of TRM2 game metaverse, the token is minted in Polygon blockchain with a total supply of 37.5 Millions $IOI to fuel the economy of it project ecosystem with multitude of use case scenario. Currently trading on popular exchanges such as Quickswap, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Huobi and, all winning prizes, nft purchases and trading will be powered by $IOI. Find detailed tokenomics below.


Ecosystem Development Roadmap


Notably Partners


In Conclusion:

Trade Race Manager 2 is taking advantage of the close inclination between gaming and cryptocurrency trading and making the both professions much more rewarding and entertaining. Featuring a top notch trading simulation and 3D play-to-earn racing game experience where players can own and manage their in-game items in a very rewarding way, TRM2 is already drawing the attention of many enthusiasts. Do follow the official resources i made available below for much more into TRM2 game metaverse, thanks.

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