Revolutionizing Digital Payments in Indonesia: An In-Depth Look at Qrkita's Products and Services

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 30 Mar 2023


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In recent years, the adoption of digital currencies has been on the rise. Qrkita is a leading platform in Indonesia, providing the latest technology for online and offline merchants to boost their sales.

The platform is intended to facilitate non-cash transactions, encourage financial inclusion, promote MSMEs, and ultimately, encourage economic growth. Qrkita is the first online Qris platform in Indonesia that allows all merchants, including small traders such as meatball sellers and vegetable sellers, to make transactions using QR codes. Qrkita ecosystem is equipped with quite a number of rich products that includes but not limited to;

Qrkita Centralized Exchange

Qrkita Exchange is a platform that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with ease. The exchange platform offers a user-friendly interface, with advanced charting tools to help traders analyze market trends. The exchange also supports multiple fiat currencies, making it easier for traders to convert their digital assets into local currency.


Law Enforcement Crowdfunding (LEC)

Qrkita's Law Enforcement Crowdfunding (LEC) platform is based on an existing project and acts as a bridge between the fiat and crypto community worldwide to support the QRT ecosystem. The LEC platform allows law enforcement agencies to raise funds from the public to support their operations.


LuckQRT App

The LuckQRT app is a mobile app that offers a fun way to earn QRT tokens. Users can spin the wheel to win QRT tokens, which can be used to purchase goods and services from Qrkita's merchant partners. The app is ready for download in PlayStore.


QRT Wallet

Qrkita's QRT wallet is a secure and user-friendly digital wallet that allows users to store, send and receive QRT tokens. The wallet also supports other cryptocurrencies, making it easy for users to manage all their digital assets in one place.


Chat QRT

Chat QRT is a messaging platform that allows users to send and receive QRT tokens through the chat feature. Users can also make transactions using QR codes, making it easier to send and receive funds.

Initial Token Offering (ITO)

Qrkita's Initial Token Offering (ITO) platform is a fundraising platform that allows startups and other companies to raise funds by selling their tokens to the public. The ITO platform is based on the QRT ecosystem and provides a secure and transparent way for companies to raise funds.


QR Booster

Qrkita's QR Booster is a marketing tool that enables merchants to promote their products and services to a wider audience. The QR Booster allows merchants to create customized QR codes that can be shared on social media, printed on flyers, or placed on billboards.


Merchant Partnerships

Qrkita has partnered with various merchants in Indonesia, allowing users to use QRT tokens to purchase goods and services from these merchants. The platform aims to promote financial inclusion by allowing small traders to accept digital payments, which were previously not possible.


QRT Token and its Tokenomics

The QRT token is the native cryptocurrency of the Qrkita ecosystem. The token is used for transactions on the platform and can also be used to purchase goods and services from Qrkita's merchant partners.


The token has a fixed supply of 100 billion tokens, with no further issuance planned. The QRT token uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which enables users to earn rewards by staking their tokens.

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In Conclusion

Qrkita is a leading platform in Indonesia that offers a range of products and services to promote financial inclusion and economic growth. The platform enables users to make transactions using QR codes, making it easier for small traders to accept digital payments.

Qrkita's QRT token is a valuable asset that can be used to purchase goods and services from the platform's merchant partners. With its innovative products and services, Qrkita is poised to become a global leader in the digital currency space.

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