PowerAD: Taking Offline Advertisement to a Whole New Level

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 22 Jul 2021

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Advertisement is no doubt a very strong marketing tool, just as every global phenomenon is changing over the course of time, advertisement has revolutionized over the past years especially with the growth, development, penetration and utilization of the internet and social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and TikTok among so many rich and popular others.

Looking at the fast pace of global development, this has given the room for several marketing campaign opportunities that are springing up steadily, note that these opportunities have from over the years proven to be quite reliable and less expensive than the current traditional advertisement industry. In this article, i introduced a blockchain startup, PowerAD whose idea is hopefully going to dominate in the advertisement industry.

Get To Know About PowerAD

PowerAD is a decentralized advertisement company that empowers every stakeholder/individual with an opportunity to benefit from their particicpation. With an idea to revolutionize and further develope Off-line advertisement, PowerAD have developed an advertisement solution that makes the launching of an outdoor advertisement as easy as launching a Twitter or Facebook advertisement.

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PowerAD is a DeFi product that offers uniqueness and innovation in its marketing campaign idea, these are achieved by the development and deployment of a rich and decentralized application, PowerAD that is equipped with every requirement for advertisement on both global and local scale.

Basically, PowerAD is a huge opportunity that is targeted at Car Owners, PowerAD pay to advertise on their cars there by creating a reliable side income source for them while they go about with their usual day in and day out activities. PowerAD is on a mission to deliver decentralized advertisement service across Europe and the rest of the world covering both startups and big successful businesses.

Major Issues With Traditional Advertisement Industry

The minds behind the development of PowerAD discovered a number of problems that are inherent with many of the current advertisement companies and how they affect bussinesses, some of these issues are highlighted below;

  • Adverts distribution across multiple channels brings in complexity of tracking progress rate as well as justification for payments of service, this is worse especially in the case of delivering advertisements services to a large number of businesses.
  • The problem of excessive cost of advertisement, especially when a business is trying to reach out to a very wide potential customers that requires innovative techniques.
  • The problems associated with cost of owning a car, cost of parking space, cost of insurance and registration that are steadily on the increase, especially in major cities.
  • Thanks to developmentand popularity of the internet and social media, Stand-by billboards and posters are gradually becoming an outdated advertisement techniques, this is because it has been proven that they attract only very few viewers.

PowerAD Solution Explained in Details

PowerAD being the first blockchain powered project that developed an application and a real-time tracking system for brands and advertisers to utilize in manage their advertisement campaigns on private vehicles. PowerAD have designed a simple and scalable solution t o the issues that were identified above, which includes;

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  • Easy way for car owners to get extra income through the PowerAD commercial application by the presentation of their vehicles as an advertisement space.

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  • Brands can directly control and measure the progress of their advertisement campaigns through PowerAD platform, brands also get access to powerful GPS system, notifications of new campaigns, analysis, reporting and statistical tools, scalability and advertisement bonuses.
  • PowerAD empower brands and companies with a very cheaper, efficient and attracting advertisement space that guarantees a better impression and results.

PowerAD Token (PAD) & Tokenomics

PAD token is an erc20 compliant token that is minted to serve as a utility asset of PowerAD ecosystem, PAD has a total supply of 200,000,000 PAD with an adjustable emission in the sense that all tokens that did not get sold during the token sale period will be burned forever, additionally PAD token will be burned on a quarterly basis based on the value raised from fees on the platform, the burn will continue untill PAD token supply dropped to 100,000,000 PAD.

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Benefits From Being a Part of PowerAD ecosystem

  • By design, PowerAD has planned to share 30% of her income with drivers for their pillars and support for the idea, while 70% will be burned forever.

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  • PowerAD has implemented a quaterly token burning that will continue untill the total supply of PAD becomes just 100,000,000 PAD tokens. This will do well in affecting the token value as the supply decreases, this will be more beneficial for especially holders of PAD.
  • Stakin: PAD token holders can put their holdings in a staking pool in order to get passive income from their assets. Staking participants will have the opportunity to participate in governance of the PAD token ecosystem.

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In Conclusion

The establishmentof the PowerAD platform is seen as a paradigm shift that will offer new, cheaper, impressive, interesting, and fashionable marketing that will draw the attention of every person passing by the ad. Every company that wants to be successful needs to keep track and follow the spirit of modern times that PowerAD is working on implementing on a global scale. Do follow the links i made available below for much more insight into PowerAD idea, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | Instagram | Medium


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