Nayuta Coin: A Decentralized Multi-level Marketing Company!

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 12 Jan 2021

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Nayuta is a South Korean based company that was founded in the year 2018. The company started rendering the service of running an online marketplace where partners sell their manufactured products, these are natural products for various utilization ranging from health products for improving ones immune system and cosmetic products for beauty and skin care. Nayuta distribution partners are on a steady increase in number, the company has attracted over 50 partners from different countries within the span of 3 years, and have been able to attract a total market value of over $5 Million, this little achievement can be attributed to the high demand for the products manufactured by Nayuta partners.

Nayuta company declare their intention to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into their business, blockchain utilization is widely seen as a great idea that will raise the standard of the Nayuta company. The company introduced its own cryptocurrency called Nayuta Coin (NC). The project will be at high level of development in 2021-2022 by launching of its own products manufacturing and expansion on products availability range.

Nayuta Products Market Overview

The Nayuta marketplace has over 100 different items for sale, items ranging from wave salt, natural magic soap and aluminum cartridges for oxygen water production and a wide range of health, foods, beauty, cosmetics and also home furnishing products. The full list can be seen on their website http:/

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It is no doubt that health and beauty products market is among the fastest growing markets globally. A report from Grand view research company stated that the value of the global beauty and health care product market will reach over $700 Billion in 2025. High demands for anti aging products, organic beauty products and health care products are the factors considered to be triggering the fast growth of the market.

Nayuta company has an objective of being among the global top 2 multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, with this great ambition, the company currently have almost 30,000 products partners which is indeed a great achievement!

How Nayuta Company Serve Her Partners
  • Online services: Customers can purchase Nayuta marketplace products online, either through the website or through the mobile app.
  • Production: Nayuta as a company is also into the production of high quality products for fast sale and shipment to its customers. The company has different certificates of qualit standard that were issued by regulatory authorities.

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  • Education: Nayuta offers knowledge to new distributors, knowledge such as how to utilize business tools for fast sales experiences.
  • Bonuses and Growth: Nayuta motivates its partners with a number of bonuses ranging from referral bonuses to cash backs and lots more.
Future of Nayuta Company & Her Partnerships

Nayuta craves to be running business with the best, the company thus understands that the development of any business is through reliable collaborations and partnerships. Nayuta works with the following partners;

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  • Academic Business of Life: This is an international academy for online entrepreneurs.
  • Crowdsale Network: This is a platform mainly for buying tokens including Nayuta.
  • Enecuum: This is a technology company that provides the blockchain ecosystem for Nayuta coin.
Introducing Nayuta Coin

Nayuta coin is a utility token that will be used for settlement of payments within the Nayuta ecosystem. The tokens will be minted and issued on enecuum blockchain with a maximum supply of 100 000 000 Nayuta Coins (NC), the company choose eneccum blockchain due to its speed, security and their tokens are easily listed in different exchanges.

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Investors and customers can use Nayuta coins to purchase any product listed on the Nayuta marketplace, and unlike other companies, Nayuta tokens are backed by Nayuta products.

Customers can use their phones in purchasing and staking of Nayuta coin in order to earn an annual interest rate of 20%.


Nayuta coin emission: 100,000,000NC

Initial offerings: 30,000,000NC

Available for Farming:70,000,000NC For 10 years, Starting from 2020.

Token Distribution By %

For Sale: 60%

Team: 20%

Partners: 10%

Private Sale: 10%


Nayuta company is putting in a huge effort in order to integrate the famous multi-level marketing into blockchain and utilizing the power of cryptocurrency and decentralization. Multi-level marketing is a very big business that has gain a lot of prominence over the years and have penetrated deeply into a lot of systems including the governments. Nayuta already has an existing reputation and track record, thus with good commitment from the team and some level of support from the community and investors will do well in propelling the project to success, thanks.

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