MobilityGuru: A Digital Marketplace For The Enderly, Disabled & Rehabbed

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The idea of a digital marketplaces that facilitates the sales and purchases of various items has been on a steady rise with the global populace gaining more and more interest in this development. Its no doubt that a huge percentage of the global populace are elderly and many are suffering from a nuber of impairments and disabilities but sadly you cannot find any digital marketplace that support the sales of products and services for these class of the global populace. Many of the existing digital marketplace will usually place items for these categories of populace in a section for miscellaneous.

Introducing MobilityGuru

MobilityGuru is a digital marketplace that will cater for the needs of the global populace that are elderly, populace that are suffering from impairment and disabilities as well as rehabilitation requirements. With a targeted market that involves: Private sellers and buyers of both old and new products, and firms involved in selling of individual and government institutional products and services, MobilityGuru aim to develop and integrate these markets into a simple and easily accessible marketplace.

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By integrating a transparent and secure cryptocurrency payment solution, MobilityGuru will make buying and selling operations as simple as walking in the park for the disabled, elderly and rehabilitation communities. This will do well in helping the world with a smooth and flexible marketplace across the globe.

MobilityGuru Solution Explained

The project will put a huge effort in the development of API system that classified partners will be able to seamlessly utilize to list their available items for sales. The ecosystem will feature a very low transaction fee, in the sense that there will be a zero fee charged for placement of ads, except in specific cases which will only be charged on purchases in order to generate funds for marketplace's development and maintenance as well generating ROI for partners.

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MobilityGuru's ecosystem has a keen interest to reward the users of its services in the sense that loyal and dedicated users will enjoy from giveaways and incentives in order to keep them motivated and feeling rewarded for utilizing the various services. The rewards will be in MobilityGuru ecosystem's utility token, Guru.

MobilityGuru Ecosystem's Key Features

MoblituGuru ecosystem is equipped with quite a good number of features and functionalities that have stood the project out in the area its providing solution for, these features includes:

  • Flexible Payment System: This allow buyers and sellers to settle transactions among themselves in different cryptocurrencies, giving them a good level of flexibility in the spendings.

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  • Rating System: This is a great feature that users can utilize to rate themselves based on the level of satisfaction they got from either buying or selling products and items.
  • Data Protection: With the utilization of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, all users data will be securely stored in the blockchain, making them secure with no alteration possibilities.

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  • Interactive Platform: The project features an interactive ecosystem that is properly equipped with rich tools that will certainly do well in helping users in making the best out of their individual operations.
  • User Support Service: MobilityGuru has a support team that will cater for buyers and sellers in order to help everyone remain protected and free from any fraudulent operations. In addition, MobilityGuru also has a smart contract in place to check and prevent dishonest operations.

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  • Security: MobilityGuru ecosystem will be safe and secure for users utilizations as all security measures are in place to ensure that buyers get their purchased products and items as well as sellers getting the right value for their products and items.
  • Community Friendly Services: MobilityGuru is very interested in users engagement as well as their suggestions in order to continously improve the operations and experience of the users.

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  • Governance Token: MobilityGuru will operate on a token governance mechanism, where holders of the platform's utility token will be able to be a governing part of the project's ecosystem. Token holders will become key platform's decision makers to contribute to the growth and development of the ecosystem.

MobilityGuru Utility Token (GURU) & Its Tokenomics

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GURU is a primary utility token that is issued by the MobilityGuru team to their project's seed investors in order to raise development funds during IEO. GURU is issued in the Binance smart chain ecosystem with a total supply of 200Million GURU. The token will serve virtually all the use cases of the MobilityGuru project ecosystem as well as also serving as an investment because all seed investors will buy at a very cheap price that has a guarantee of making them remarkable profits in the long run when the platform's popularity grows.

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Project Development Team

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Project Roadmap

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In Conclusion

MobilityGuru is one remarkable idea that will benefits the neediest people from anywhere around the world, this is something to not neglect as the industry is very big with a very little support towards it service. With all things considered, i see this as an idea with a very high success potentials, do follow the links in made available below for much more insights into the idea of MobilityGuru, thanks.

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