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By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 15 Apr 2022

Today, we are in the world of technology. It has brought advancement in business strategies. Digitalization plays a big role in modern businesses. There are now new ways of communicating, sell, cooperate, and stream line transactions. Thanks to digitalization. Digitalization brings about efficiency, easy access, marketing, productivity, promotion and Communication. Customers wants to shop with their family and friends, shares experiences and opinions. Shopping is seen as a social activity.

In Social commerce, a person wants to share ideas with others about a particular product before buying it. Social commerce has over taken the e commerce industry. Unlike social commerce, many technologies did not last for long. People now shop and compare prices of products to get a better one. It gives retailers the opportunity to reach a wider audience via collaborative shopping. There are issues of security, site crash and differences in platform. User can not buy physical products on the same platform that digital goods buying like NFT, metaverse NFT products are sold.

Introducing Mliki

MLIKI is a market platform designed to allow users to buy physical products and digital item such as NFTs in a convenient time. When buying a product, customer wants to have experience about the product on different angles before making final decision. With this, it is believe that hybrid market place can solve issues of fragmentation and platform differentiation to meet customers demand. The word Social commerce is formed from e commerce. It the process of leveraging Social media and Social interaction inorder to promote buying and selling online products and services. People are now moving their online marketing and investing in social commerce inorder to increase sales and awareness.


Social Commerce can be run by social media platforms or e commerce sites. Customers can come across a product through brand or influencer page on social media platforms, or advertisements on platforms like Instagram stories. Customers can also compare products when they visit the product catalog or brand website and can even buy the product on the platform. Also, customer will be able to compare prices of similar products or multiple via the brand catalog. The significance of Social Commerce for brands includes;


Social media has became a platform to get information about a product in this generation. According to research by Global Web Index, 42% of people uses social media to know about product prices and quality. 40% of people who do not intend to buy a product are motivated to do so because of social connections like referral marketing, product review from inside existing social circle. 55% of people living in china buys goods and services directly from social networking apps. China is the pioneer of social commerce with its Social Commerce gross merchandise value (GMV) expected to hit CNY 2.86 trillion in 2021.

Notably Social Commerce Problems and How Mliki is Providing Solution

Social commerce associated problems includes but not limited to;

  • Security : Security breaches from hackers, you account can be wiped away by hackers if care is not taken.
  • Site crash : This occurs due to the poor connection in your network.
  • Payment fraud : Most of the customers uses their credit cards to pay in the wrong sites.
  • High prices : This is when customers pays for delivery after paying for the product.
  • Platform Differentiation : This is the process whereby customers do not get all they want in a single platform.

MLIKI marketplace has addresses the associated problems through ways which includes;


  • Adopt Blockchain Technology To Improve Security. It is one of the secured technologies.
  • Increase Revenue by Leveraging Social Media.
  • Payment Options That Are Both Convenient and Cost-Effective.
  • Customer rewards/Group buying : MLIKI allows buying in group so as to get a lower price. There are various referral programs and to increase sales activities.

Mliki NFT Marketplace

Mliki NFTs marketplace is build on a polygon blockchain for user experience and to ease on how to create, buy, sell and trade NTFs, metaverse NFT and more. The marketplace has the following features;

marketplace nfts

  • Create, Buy And Sell an NFTs in the marketplace.
  • NFT Launchpad for raising funds for your project and have access to partners and NFT community.
  • Trade To Earn, buying and selling will earn you Mliki tokens based on buying and selling activities.
  • Affiliate program will earn you a commission if a person open an account using your link.

Mliki Technology Explained

Most of the NFTs are bought and sold on platforms that uses ethereum blockchain. Despite the Dominance, it has some lapses like low throughput and high fees. MLIKI chooses to develop an NFT market place on polygon blockchain because it is more efficient and has the following features;

  • Low Gas fees.
  • Faster Transaction Finality.
  • More and More NFT Projects Are Built on Polygon.

MLIKI gives a digital token named Mliki token inorder to support development of the platform. It is a multi chain token minted on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain with a finite supply that cannot be increased. The success of a token lies on the following factors;


  • Market-making Capacity
  • Transparency
  • Max Valuation at Offered Price
  • Max Supply
  • Distribution
  • Early Investor Bonuses
  • Valuation at Listing
  • Initial Circulating Supply
  • Release Schedules.

Mliki Token With Tokenomics and Use Cases

Mliki is the native token of the project ecosystem, the token is minted in Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with a total supply of 1000,000,000 MLIKI tokens that will serve as a fuel that powers the project ecosystem. The token has a number of use cases which includes but not limited to;

  • In Cashback And Vouchers
  • Affiliate Program
  • Trade and Earn
  • Staking
  • Governance and
  • Main Currency

Find a more detailed tokenomics below;


Meet the Team


Notably Partners


In Conclusion

As we all know that we are in the world of technology. Technology changes every aspect of human activities. Digitalization is a big factor in business development. Social commerce helps customers to get information about the price and quality on a particular product. MLIKI is a platform that allows users to access different products in a single platform. Do follow the links i made available below for much about Mliki, thanks.

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