Mega Bitcoin (MBC): Bitcoin Mining Company That Reward Token Holders With BTC

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 9 Feb 2022


From time immemorial, the world have always been curious and fascinated about technologies. Although the world have witnessed several phases of technological revolutions, the age of digital technology have been advanced by several forces that advocates for development at global scale. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have touched the global populace in an unprecedented way, particularly financially and it is believed that the world have just begin to scratch the surface in respect to benefits that can be accrued from the technology.

Nations have displayed a positive attitude towards the idea of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with many already in the forefront to provide safe heaven for enthusiasts around the world. Although regulations are getting tighter in places like USA and China, the Caribbean region have steadily been rolling out policies and regulations that have attracted huge funds into places like the Virgin and Cayman Islands, making them the largest blockchain investment cluster and safe heaven. In this article, i talked about Mega Bitcoin (MBC), a DeFi ecosystem that is powered by Bitcoin mining operation.

Know About Mega Bitcoin (MBC)

Mega Bitcoin (MBC) is a Bitcoin reward token that is powering a non-stop operation of Bitcoin mining in large scale. With a tokenonomics that is completely centered around making the future of investors super rewarding, MBC is rewarding it holders with BTC generated from mining operation while also channeling part of this BTC to development of MBC ecosystem by injecting liquidity and building of utility cases. MBC will basically power a digital bank, where clients will be issued with a payment card for their spendings and also be able to access loans that will be granted based on certain criterion.


With a smart contract that have been publicly audited by reputable firms before being securely deployed on Binance Smart Chain, MBC is a complete decentralized and community owned DeFi product that have been endorsed by Pinksale and quite a number of cryptocurrency aggregating platforms. Mega Bitcoin will provides functional use cases that includes but not limited to:

  • Digital financial service funtions that cut across savings and investments, funding, trading and clearance among several others.
  • A medium for cross border payments functions, this is utilizing the power of blockchain for instant borderless transactions.
  • A bitcoin mining company function. MBC is investing huge in large scale mining operations that will take advantage of solar power resources.

Notably Qualities of MBC

Based on reports from technical experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, MBC possess a number of qualities which includes:

  • Safety: Utilizing the power of blockchain where all transactions are recorded in a distributed ledger technology system, offering a secure and tamper proof financial ecosystem.
  • Liquidity: Being a major factor that tells how useful an asset could be as well as how investors are interested in it is the availability of liquidity. MBC is liquid with enough liquidity in several exchanges, making it easy to exchange values in several ways.


Mega Bitcoin Token (MBC) & Its Tokenomics

MBC is the primary token of Mega Bitcoin project that is minted in BSC blockchain with a maximum supply of 1000,000,000,000,000 MBC. The tokens will serve as a major investment and utility that powers all operations within the project's ecosystem. $MBC is desiged to greatly reward it holders especially in a long term basis with features that includes:

  • $MBC imposed a 14% tax on all send/receive and buy/sell transactions. Tentatively with Pancakeswap's 3% fee, there's a 17% fee on all swaps in Pancakeswap protocol.
  • $MBC token holders are rewarded in BTC with 5.5% of the 14% tax, creating a reliable passive income stream that will encourage holding.
  • 5% of the 14% tax is used to buyback $MBC and adding more value and liqudity to the market, while 3.5% is used for marketing the project.
  • $MBC will also reward it holders with 50% of all BTC generated from it mining operations, this will be quite rewarding for investors.


Meet the Team


Project Development Timeline


In Conclusion

The idea of passive income is what the elites are capitalizing on to keep their wealth afloat to be working and earning for them. However its quite difficult to come across solutions that guarantees reliable passive income generation. Mega Bitcoin is developed by a team of Bitcoin miners that have a clear intention of giving back hugely to their investors especially in the long run. It will be nice to consider looking closer into their solution by following the official links i have made available below, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter Handle | Telegram Group | Facebook Page | YouTube Channel


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