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By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 13 Aug 2020

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Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are created and managed through the utilization of encryption technology (cryptography). Cryptocurrencies are utilized essentially outside existing banking and governmental institutions and are traded over the Internet. Cryptocurrencies operates through the utilization of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are not very recent any longer, as they are as of now being used all through the various systems of the world as an alternative method for payments and transactions. It is broadly believed that overtime, cryptocurrencies will quickly become the most loved financial system of the world, because it is increasingly becoming more valuable than the conventional currencies.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a great deal of benefits to be reaped by enthusiasts who can exploit profoundly into the cryptocurrency industry. Opportunities running from exchanging to staking, the opportunities are diverse. To be perfectly honest, the global community will hugely benefit from the LyfCoin project’s idea, which is streamlining the way toward staking cryptocurrencies for an advantageous return.

Introducing Cryptocurrencies Staking Idea:

Staking is an alternative technique for providing security and viability to the blockchain network in return for an incentive and without squandering assets. It is based on the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm where as opposed to requiring energy to create new blocks, it does it with staked coins.

In Proof of Stake (PoS), miners approving transactions don't exist. There are forgers who stake their coins in return for incentives, called transaction fees, for the chance of being chosen to affirm transactions and approving the following block. The validators are picked either randomly or are assigned.

staking evolution

Staking Categories:

Staking is categorized into two broad classifications; PoS (Proof-of-Stake) and DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake). The Proof-of-Stake works by freezing the partner’s coins for some period to approve transactions done through the network.

On Delegated Proof of Stake, adelegate is chosen by partners and appointed to become a validator or block maker. In case of sharp works on, (affirming a false transaction) a punishment will be enforced.

Staking Becoming a Trend:

Since mining has become more difficult and consumes an excessive amount of energy, the new individuals engaged with digital assets find staking on exchanges a decent alternative. It is additionally another way to diversify assets and lessen transaction fees on the blockchain.

New projects mean to utilize PoS rather than PoW, among them Tezos which increased immense support during its ICO. Ethereum proceeding onward with the Casper project to change from PoW to PoS is another model. Cold wallets like Ledger or Trezor have bet on staking also by including the component in their equipment wallets. During 2019 and 2020 the number of exchanges providing staking features as investment instruments saw an expansion.

LyfCoin and Staking:

LYF Coin is another platform centered around explicitly staking of all ERC-20 tokens, not at all like conventional staking that has a specific Blockchain's local token as it's objective for staking, lyfcoin gives it's clients the one of a kind chance to stake all tokens available on the Ethereum blockchain, LYF Coin gives an instrument to secure against cryptocurrency instability, yet over the long haul the more your tokens are kept in the platform the more profits it produces.


The LYF Coin staking smart contract is completely unique in relation to other staking pools and projects as it is intended to encourage a protected network to enable Soft Staking, giving profits for staked tokens while keeping up a liquid system to permit clients to stay in charge of their assets.

Why LyfCoin?

Cryptospace is moderately new but very powerful. There are established cryptocurrencies that are based upon various financial models, models that ranges from Proof of Work to Proof of idea, Proof of Stake, Proof of Burn and others. This has created a 'haze of disarray' and instability, making individuals anxious and uncertain about this totally different space.

LYF Coin ecosystem is built to be a stand-out project in the cryptocurrency staking industry, by being a cryptocurrency as well as a profitable business that will shape the life of numerous individuals around the globe.

LYF Coin project combines blockchain innovation together with the groundbreaking IOT to convey an ecosystem that incorporates data, a variety of digital assets, long term membership programs, exchanging platform, dealer platform, e-shopping among several other features.

The minds behind LYF Coin has plan to simplify the cryptospace by keeping things basic so anybody and everyone can take an interest and tap into the potential that this space brings to the table. LYF Coin will feature variety of choices, regardless of whether you a beginner, master or a savy expert.

LYF Coin will utilize blockchain technology to ensure that it order book is transparent for anybody to see. The staking platform will incorporate links to open source tools by which to check seeds and confirm results. In many cases these devices are found on the destinations themselves and utilize the customer's browser.

LYF Coin has a gathered analytical database built on the basis of happenings in the blockchain industry. It has built the most significant staking gateway with cryptocurrency projects and financial data about the blockchain market. This will give client access to the essential information.

LYF Coin Staking Pools:

A staking pool permits numerous partners (or bagholders) to combine their computational assets as an approach to build their odds of being compensated. In other words, they join their staking power during the time spent checking and approving new blocks, so they have a higher probability of winning the block rewards.


LYF Coin provides a number of staking pools for both primary and secondary coins, these includes: Trial staking pool, Basic staking pool, Entry staking pool, Starter staking pool and Explorer staking pool.

LYF Coin Staking Benefits:

Staking is famous because it offers crypto holders the chance to win while supporting the networks they care about. Staking promotes a better transparency, better security and substantially more. Here are the center benefits of staking:

Expanded security and stability of the blockchain: Staking contributes to the coherence of the blockchain you support. Achievement of a PoS blockchain depends on decentralized contribution. Aside from satisfying the utilization instance of the token, staking is an avenue for the client to support the development of distributed record technology.

Automated revenue: By staking cryptocurrency you will procure compensations toward the finish of the lock up period. Contributing through staking is a generally safe action because you'll possibly lose in the event that you misbehave or endeavor to game the system.

Diminish energy utilization: PoW allegedly utilizes a lot of energy to keep the network running. Consensus alternatives like PoS mean to accomplish consensus in a more energy proficient way.

The LYF Coin Token (LYF):

LYF is the Native Currency that powers the LYF Coin smart contract and enables customized staking possibility for non-proof of stake coins. LYF is considered as the driving force of the staking system as it is used in paying fees and other operations of the system.


In Conclusion:

LYF Coin platform has over 15 staking pools offering different benefits to community members and offers automatic reward payment system which guarantees every day staking for every essential coin listed for staking in it ecosystem. It would therefore be rewarding for anyone to consider becoming a part of the LYF Coin ecosystem. Visit the links below to find out more about this amazing project.


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