Koinomo: A Digital Assets Ecosystem Designed For Anyone To Invest & Grow Their Crypto

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 10 Sep 2021

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It's no doubt that its very complicated for one to do banking and investment operations with many of our traditional financial solutions both government and private owned solutions, this can be attributed to the highly centralized nature of the systems which takes power completely away from indiviuals/investors and placed them in the hands of the financial institutions (middlemen).

Utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in taking power from the hands middlemen and decentralizing financial solutions has opened a whole new era for a safer and transparent assets management and investment operations.

Introducing Koinomo & Her Financial Solution

#Koinomo is a decentralied assets management ecosystem that is designe to utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to provide everyone with a safe, decentralized and transparent digital assets savings and investment experience. Koinomi ecosystem has no middlemen set to aid any financial operation, rather users interact directly with decentralized smart contract that manages both investments and profit sharing in a secure and well regulatory manner.

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With the goal of creating a safe, secure and transparent cryptocurrency environment that will seamlessly serve all classes of people, Koinomo is building a solution that helps users minimize risk and losses while maximizing gains from daily interest on their crypto savings and investments.

While buying and holding crypto assets for long term gains, koinomo is a great option to put that holdings into work and generating passive income without minding the risk and volatility that is common in the cryptospace.

Benefits From Utilizing Koinomo's Solution

Over centralized financial platforms as well as other blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, Koinomo has a list of benefits which includes:

  • Simplicity: All operations in Koinomo ecosystem are detailed to look simple, appealing and intuitive as possible. With this level of simplicity, all class of cryptocurrency users can seamlessly interact and take advantage of the platform's opportunity.

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  • Security: Security is at the core of Koinomo in the sense that the system is decentralized with all clients investments being held by decentralized smart contract and all return on investments are also distributed by decentralized smart contracts that is secure and transparent.
  • Easy Account Creation: Koinomo ecosystem is designed to feature a very fast and easy onboarding process. New users are onboarded with a self sovereign technology that uses 12 key phrases that will be generated during a wallet creation.
  • Transparency: With the utilization of smart contracts, all investments within Koinomo ecosystem are following the blockchain's principle of transparency and openness as all transactions are permanently recorded in the blockchain, making it impossible for any sort of manipulation of savings.

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  • Instant Payout: Being decentralized and utilizing smart contract technology, users return on investments (ROI) are distributed instantly and processed based on blockchain's network condition. There is no such thing as lengthy delay or waiting on wire transfer to arrive.
  • Compounding Interests: With the Koinomo's solution given users an instant access to returns from their investments, users can seamlessly compound their interest to the investment with just a single click.

Koinomo Utility Token (KMO) & Tokenomics

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#KMO is the primary utility token of Koinomo project ecosystem, the token is minted on #BinanceSmartChain blockchain with a total supply of 10,000,000 KMO. This utility token is primarily meant to power all activities of Koinomo decentralized assets management ecosystem. Tentatively this token grant acccess to all Koinomo ecosystem's potentials. Features of KMO token includes: Minimal total supply, Non-mintable asset, Audited smart contract, Renounced ownership, Utility token and being an anti-rug project's asset.

Project Executive Team

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Notably Partners

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Project Development Roadmap

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In Conclusion

Koinomo solution is designed to solved a number of certain issues that are associated with the current financial ecosystem, with an ecosystem that is designed with a unique blend blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, disruptive assets management and investments that is completely user friendly. Koinomy is believed to have the potential of opening the door to a whole new opportunities for investors in the financial ecosystem. Do follow the official links i provided below for much more insights into the idea of Koinomo, thanks.

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