Introducing Ariva Wonderland, A Tourism-Oriented Metaverse

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 3 Oct 2022

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The world is diversify in such a manner that many experts have claimed it is limitless with aesthetic tourist attractions that so many are still yet to be discovered by researchers and explorers. With all these diversities in tourism, a larger portion of the global population are unable to travel around the world to see these beauties and acquire first-hand experience for themselves, this can be attributed to many phenomena that ranges from time to regulatory, financial, security and environmental factors among many others.

Recent growth in development and adoption of digital technologies, particularly blockchain technology have open the doors into so many possibilities that were previously thought to be totally impossible. This article talks about Ariva Wonderland, a blockchain powered metaverse that anyone can utilize to travel around the world and see it beauties from comfort of their couch. Traveling and tourism have never been this easier.

Get to Know Ariva Wonderland

Ariva Wonderland is a decentralized metaverse that features tourism attractions at the core of it ecosystem, giving enthusiasts the freedom to travel the world, participate in social events either solo or in team, own and manage properties and tourist centers as well as ultimately profiting from all their engagements and activities in the metaverse. Ariva Wonderland ecosystem aims at attracting a large number of populace with it travel-to-earn model that is targetted at creating a passive revenue cycle between enthusiasts that only want to travel and those that are only interested in building and creating.


Ariva Wonderland have creators that provides different solutions and services within it ecosystem. Creators can generate NFTs that can be traded for desired value or used in-game, build and develop cities with tourism centers that adopts custom income generation models. Ariva Wonderland's idea is focused on bringing the dynamism of life and peak of entertainment together in order to amplify the uniqueness of travel and tourism experiences. Thus making tourism and travel accessible to everyone irrespective of their location or any sort of differences.

Structure of Ariva Wonderland

Ariva Wonderland metaverse is structured into a single main crater that have seven unique galaxies connected to it. The main crater belongs to everyone and is equipped with social centers that range from museums to night clubs, cafes cinemas, theaters, concert venues and restaurants among several others.


The seven (7) unique galaxies that are connected to the main crater also contain seven (7) unique craters in each of them. Making a total of fourty nine (49) craters that are divided into 160,000 land percel of different dimensions. On an average, each of these craters contains four tourist destinations that are not restricted to any specific country or destination. Each of these craters are connected to the main crater and does not belong to anyone but everyone.

Ariva Wonderland tourism centers are designed, developed and implemented as symbolic replicas that are situated in various location of the world. Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and Statue of Liberty in America are a typical scenario of these, giving enthusiast the oppotunity to visit these tourist sceneries in various craters and experience different cultures all together.


Dubai in UAE is a global attraction that is characterized to be having a steady expansion in tourism and a huge influence in cryptocurrency market investments, for these reasons, Ariva Wonderland have reserved the crater Dubai Only for Dubai. Popular Palm Island is situated in middle of the crater with a host of other tourist and luxury areas that range from hotels, shopping malls and entertainment facilities among many others.

Features of Ariva Wonderland

Ariva metaverse ecosystem is equipped with a good number of rich features that will do well in complementing the uniqueness of it technology, these features includes but not limited to;

Virtual Reality: Ariva Wonderland is equipped with VR technology, allowing for enthusiast to get carried along in it tourism metaverse in order to feel and grasp all details down to every bit.


Transportation: Similar to the real world, Ariva Wonderland is equipped with multiple option as transportation modes. Enthusiast utilize Ariva utility token, $ARV to settle for transportation cost. Enthusiasts can travel by plane from airports located in each of the crater, travel by train through rails, travel by ships through sea rouths or even fly their own plane if they have one.


Second Life: This is a feature that empower enthusiast to live a life different from their main life. Enthusiast in their second life can individually or collectively attend or organize concerts, tourism and theaters. They can attend night clubs, have relationship and even get married among so many other possibilities.


Ariva Creator: This feature empower enthusiasts to build skills in various professionalism that are in demand within the ecosystem. Through Ariva Wonderland editor, enthusiasts can become professionals in designs of buildings, cars and many other creations that could be possible. Creators can list and trade their created items as NFTs in the ecosystem's marketplace.


Decentralization: With the power of blockchain technology, Ariva Wonderland gives enthusiast total freedom to own and transfer value within it ecosystem. Enthusiast can own land and display the different sort of items they created with Ariva Creator for various purpose, an item could be a suverign country that has it own flag and visa system among so many other possibilities.

Land Sale: From among the collection of 160,000 land parcels of different dimensions that are located in 49 craters of Ariva Wonderland's seven (7) unique galaxies, enthusiast can purchase and develop on anyone that they want. Ariva Wonderland's land sales is currently ongoing on Ariva's website, purchases can be made via erc20 and bep20 blockchains respectively. Land percels with closer proximity to tourism centers are more expensive than those with far proximity.


Advertisement: Ariva Wonderland has built in features that empower busineses to advertise their products and services in the metaverse. There are many billboard that are placed in many strategic positions of the craters, allowing companies to seamlessly advertise to wide userbases within the metaverse ecosystem.

Tips on How to Generate Income in Ariva Wonderland

Frequent Travels: Ariva Wonderland adopts a travel-to-earn model, thus as an explorer that travels around Ariva Wonderland metaverse ecosystem, you are rewarded in $ARV tokens as well as many other incentives.


Land Purchases: Enthusiast can choose to buy land and rent it out to others that are willing to develop something on it. Land owners will earn passive income from revenue generated from businesses in their lands.


Ariva Creator Design: Items created using Ariva Creator tool can be uploaded and traded as NFTs with real value in the marketplace, allowing creeators to generate an income stream from their creativities.

Aesthetic Land: Lands and items that are properly beautified tends to attract users and businesses which in turns translate into profit making, thus one can utilize the richness of Ariva Creator tool to beautifully design their lands to make them look attracting to users.

Ariva Token ($ARV)

$ARV is the native token of Ariva Wonderland, the token is multichain with a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 ARV that serve as fuel that powers all economic operations within Ariva ecosystem. ARV is listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and trading in top exchanges including Huobi, MEXC, Bitterex, Hotbit and a host of other top exchanges.


In Conclusion

Ariva Wonderland is a revolutionary idea to tourism and travel that allow enthusiasts to explore and experience the variety of global cultural heritage through travel, tourism and creativity. Relying on the potentials of blockchain, cryptocurrency and metaverse, Ariva Wonderland will bring about a huge revolution in the tourism industry with it idea that has unlimited possibilities. Do follow the official links made available below for much more into the idea and solution of Ariva Wonderland, thanks.

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