GOPX: World's First Patent Pending Cryptocurrency!

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GOPX ecosystem an evolution in the crypto currency for both stable and self consuming. Stable here means the use of smart contracts in the ethereum blockchain while self consuming means by being the token used in different businesses such as Game on players freemium sport games, Online gaming sites, Online event and lots more.

GOPX ecosystem also consumed Quiktipz cashless app. Quiktipz ensures stability of the token on the basis of business to business (B2B), A remedy for government payment services, global banking, financial institutions, hospitality industry and lot more. Through GOPX token, direct loyalty can be paid to artists and music industry which allows millions of individuals to easily in this tokenized ecosystem.

What Stands GOPX Out From Other Crypto Projects

Bitcoin and other altcoins has high tendencies of fluctuating by speculation. With GOPX TOKEN, investors can realize a predictable future.

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  • Stability/Smart Contract: OPX TOKEN is always stable, It can never be changed once the smart contract is on the etherium blockchain. This makes GOPX TOKEN increases but never decreases.
  • Self Consuming Token: Investors and token holders has the advantage to sell their token at minimum set prices in future.
  • B2B Business usage: Which includes Quik tipz non-profit and Quik tipz global banking.

Quik Tipz Application Introduced

Quik Tipz is a digital payment platform designed which enables users to tip server,stewards and other attendants in hospitality entities like hotels,restaurants,valets,etc. The application makes the tip amount to directly reaches the receiver with features such as;

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  • Transparency
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Compliance
  • Super Fast Payment
  • Analytic

Benefits From Utilizing Quik Tipz Payment System

  • Instant payout
  • Multi layer security
  • Transparent
  • Safety precautions in the COVID world

Rise of Decentralized Finance in Hospitality Industry

Crypto finance is an open atmosphere for everyone to join, trade and earn interest. No dependency of any decentralized entity like bank. Millions of Crypto users are adapting to the use of Crypto money with key features for employers which includes;

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  • Integrated software/hardware ecosystem that ensures ease of payment.
  • Custom build for payment options with QuikPaymentz API.
  • Advanced data analytics.
  • Contactless payment via QR code and web links in any messaging format.

Crypto Benefits to Hospitality Industry

  • Peer to peer
  • No KYC
  • No regulatory compliance
  • Fractional ownership

GOPX Token & Its Tokenomics

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  • 10 Billion GOPX: Total tokens supply
  • 2 Billion GOPX: Private sales allocation
  • 8 Billion GOPX: Public sales allocation
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Purchase method: ETH, BTC, USD

ICO Fund's Breakdown

  • 20% for Founders Pool
  • 30% for Marketing
  • 10% for Operations
  • 10% for Development
  • 10% for Legal/Security
  • 20% for Liquidity Pool

 GOPX Project's Strengths

  • First Patent Pending 
  • Cryptocurrency Token
  • First Stable-Growth crypto currency
  • First Self-Consuming crypto currency
  • First B2B Usable crypto currency.

Opportunities Bound in GOPX

  • Any usage of a stable currency can now choose the GOPX Stable Token. 
  • Limited only by our imaginations.
  • Self-Sustained Tokenized Economy.
  • GOPX DeFi.
  • GOPX Gaming.
  • B2B Integration with GOPX Token.
  • GOPX Blockchain Sports Agency.
  • GOPX Government Crypto payment service.

Project Development Team

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Project Development Roadmap

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Do follow the links that i provided below for much more insight into the ecosystem and the potentials that are bound in it for everyone to seamlessly utilize from any part of the world, thanks.

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